Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Blues

Going to the pool is one of Middle Sister, Youngest Sister, and my favorite warm weather activities. My Mom has been taking us to the neighborhood pool in the mornings. It is fun to go when nobody else is there and wake up as you take a flying leap into the cool blue water. Lately, we haven't been able to enjoy this particular blue because cooler weather has decided to come through.

Here is another kind of blue. One that can be both cold and dreary as well as soothing and cozy. I guess all kinds of weather have their good sides and not so good sides. For example, this rainy weather is part of the reason I got on the computer right now while in my pajamas. I guess I like all these blues. Part of the reason may be because I like the color blue in general. Whatever the reason, happy summer blues to all! ~Megan


Kim said...

My summer morning eating pancakes with the Andersons, drinking tea, and watching it rain with your mom is one of my FAVORITE memories! But, any memory that includes the Andersons and tea is a favorite! Great blog, Megan! Your writing paints a picture that the digital pictures adds to!

GMcEwen said...

Hi Megan! This is Caitlin and your Aunt Laura! We finally were able to find your blog, and we love it!