Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blocks and Fun

Some friends of ours came over last week. During the play time I built a beautiful tower out of blocks (to be knocked over when finished).

Little did I know that it would be knocked over while I was taking its picture;

Too bad I didn't capture a block in mid air. At least I got everyone's expression!

We then decided to go outside and ended the afternoon on a swinging note :) ~Megan

Paint- Another Way to Decorate

My Dad was off a few days last week and painted our great room. When we moved in, all of the rooms in our house were a beige color. Now, five years later, almost every room has been painted a more cheerful color.

All of the furniture was pushed into the middle of the great room while it was painted. My Mom likes to change the arrangement of our furniture periodically and, with the new paint color, was inspired to tweak it again when it was put back.

Here you can see the difference of the light creamy yellow compared to the dark beige. It is much more pleasant to walk into our great room than it used to be. What a difference color can make! ~Megan

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Opening the Present . . .

. . . you will find that I am
sewing a stack and slash quilt with my aunt,
knitting a scarf,

. . . as well as working on
school :) ,
copying all my poems into one notebook,

. . . and you will find on my night stand
Adam of the Road by Elizabeth Janet Gray,
Moccasin Trail by Eloise Jarvis Mcgraw

. . . and, lately, I have been listening to
life being lived around the house

Have a good weekend! ~Megan

Hay (Bale) Fever

These beautiful blue flowers can be found very close to our house. They grow by the side of a path. If you continue on this path a small distance, you will also see hay bales.

Just follow me. . .

over the bridge,

through the field,

to the hay bale that looks the best to you. I think Youngest Sister has found hers!

Middle Sister too!

I'll go with this one!

We're not too far away from each other, but far enough for Middle Sister to not attempt to jump from one to the other :)

To get down, you simply slide off.

Yes, just like that Youngest Sister.

It is time to head back to our house (and water). Nice walking with you! ~Megan

Monday, August 24, 2009

Decorating with Threads

If you go back to my posts in July, you may remember one about two little fabric bundles. I have finally used one of them and decided to let you know how.

- Covering my bulletin board
I used pins to attach the fabric and ribbon onto the back of my board. It is temporary, but a change :)

- Putting the polka dot fabric swatches under the glass top on my desk
Easy, cute, bright, and cheerful!

- Setting another one of the fabrics under decorative things on my chest
Ribbon added a lot to the arrangement.

- Setting the last fabric on my dresser
I tried to keep the bright color scheme all around my room :)

Decorating is one of my favorite ways to use cute fabric. What is yours? ~Megan

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A Reunion at Twelve?

The kids standing in order of age
Friends of ours are going to Kenya, Africa as missionaries for a year. The going away party at a park turned into a reunion of a former Sunday school class of my parents.

It was a fun time for everyone- as soon as us kids figured out who was who! We ate a picnic lunch of hot dogs and potato chips before before playing a confusing game of capture the flag (or rather, capture the pop can :).

When our parents' Sunday school class existed, we were babies or not yet born. There were sixteen kids in total. At times, I didn't know if kids on the playground were strangers or there for the party!

We were at the muddy park (it had rained that morning) for four hours. I came home and practically drenched my pants in stain remover! What a crazy, but fun, time! ~Megan

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Knit Gift

I finally finished the shawl I was working on. I didn't use a pattern (I know I should but I don't like to use them). The funny thing about knitting this shawl was I didn't know how big it was until it was finished. Needles that were attached to each other from my great-grandma, Nana, helped a lot. I was even able to finish it in time to give to Nana for her 85th birthday! Anyone else having fun with a project? Happy creating! ~Megan

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Opening the Present . . .

. . . you will find that I am
sewing a stack and slash quilt with my aunt,
knitting a scarf,

. . . as well as working on
cleaning out my purse,
copying all my poems into one notebook,

. . . and you will find on my night stand
Ellla of All-of-a-Kind Family by Sydney Taylor

. . . and, lately, I have been listening to
Sea Sew by Lisa Hannigan (one of my Mom's favorites :)

Have a good weekend! ~Megan

Middle Sister, Roller Coasters, and Worlds of Fun

A couple of days ago we went to Worlds of Fun. While there, I rode my first roller coaster. I wasn't needing to go on one, but when both Middle Sister and Youngest Sister were tall enough, I seized the opportunity.
Did I like it? Not during the ride!
Did Youngest Sister like it? Yes.
Did Middle Sister like it? Definitely!

Our picture were taken while going down one of the hills. In it, my eyes are closed, my hands are gripping the bar, and my mouth is in a firm line. I am wondering how much longer these harsh turns are going to last. Middle Sister, on the other hand, has her mouth wide open in a scream. This is no ahh, I-am-so-scared-scream. This is a whoo, this-is-so-awesome-scream. When you look at Youngest Sister, she has her eyes open and looks calm. I see roller coaster rides in my future. . .
With Middle Sister's enjoyment of her first roller coaster, it will probably not surprise you that she and my Dad (or Mom) rode three others by the end of the day!

She also rode this gigantic swing. Adventurous? For sure. Afraid of heights? Not one bit.

Afraid of audience participation? Now she is!

After lunch, we made our way to Camp Snoopy--
Bedraggled and happy, we survey the map one last time.

We then walk to our car, having had Worlds of Fun :)

~ Megan

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Youngest Sister, Hair, and Being Wet

Several days this summer, I have done Youngest Sister's hair. By this I don't just mean putting in a headband or clip. I mean asking her what she wants, and trying to fulfill her wish.

So far all of the attempts have worked out pretty well (as far as me trying to do anything except a ponytail goes)--

Braided Buns
With nineteen bobby pins
, it was a job to take out this hairstyle. Youngest Sister went to bed with wavy hair.

Braided Loops
Goggles in hand, Youngest Sister is more than ready for me to finish the little photo opp and get to the pool :)

Still more braids! See a theme?

Tonight we are going to go to the pool with some friends. I am glad the weather is sunny!

Hmmm. . . I wonder if Youngest Sister will want her hair up. . . Maybe, she will want a certain sister to help her. . . Maybe, I should go ask. . . After all, it is fun to do. . . Where is she anyway?. . . Probably where Middle Sister is. . . Probably asking her to play. . . Are those my sweet little sisters over there playing like bear cubs?. . . I better go see. . .

Stay cool!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Butterfly Festival

On Saturday morning I went to the Butterfly Festival with my MeeMaw, Paw Paw, Dad, and sisters. While there we not only saw beautiful butterflies, but also beautiful flowers. It was a very colorful event!
Orange and yellow flowers blossomed everywhere!
I was sucked into these interesting shapes and vibrant colors.
I wonder what was so attractive in this shrub?

Most of the Blue Morpho butterflies did not like to be photographed. They seemed to tease you as they would fly around and start to land, before flying on. For some reason this one decided to settle itself on a flower and stay there long enough for several people to snap away.

There was even time for me to get in the picture :)

We were told these chrysalises would open sometime that day. If you looked closely you could see the wings of the soon to be butterflies.

We all enjoyed petting caterpillars in a tent outside.
Here my Mee-Maw, sisters, and I are cooling off in a fountain outside. It felt good to get wet, even though it didn't last long in the hot day.

Goodbye butterflies! Goodbye flowers! We hope to see you again next year!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Still Shocked and Still Smiling

I received my score for the piano competition and found out that I earned a trophy! This surprised me because I have never messed up so much in a piano competition. I was focusing on all I had gained from the experience rather than the unknown score.

When my piano teacher called, telling me a much better score than I expected, I felt like I had been rewarded for the practice I had done as well as the experience itself. Now, when I look at the trophy I can remember the competition and smile :)  Although, God allowed me enough time without the trophy to know I'd be smiling either way.


Monday, August 3, 2009


Saturday morning we fixed pancakes for breakfast. We were out of a pancake mix so my Dad found a recipe for one on the computer. We liked the pancakes fine, although they were kind of salty. This fact brought about the use of a container of cool whip, in the attempt to contradict the salt.

Middle Sister's smiley face pancake :)
The recipe had made a lot of pancakes and by the time we had all had our fill, the plate of plain pancakes looked like it had not been touched. We were able to enjoy the leftovers for lunch that day and breakfast the next. Just like Louisa May Alcott books, I am now full and a little bit tired of pancakes, no matter how good they are!