Saturday, September 26, 2009

Luau at Nana's

My Nana (great-grandma) lives in a retirement community. Almost every weekend they seem to have a party. We went for the luau. While there we enjoyed. . .

 - Lunch (Looks great, right? Wait until you see the victim),

- Pigs they had cooked (See the poor thing? Maybe enjoyable isn't the word to describe this :),

- A bird show,

- Looking at a wide eyed owl,

- As well as petting and holding some of the birds.

What a party! ~Megan

Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Shoes

I got two new pairs of shoes. Want to try and guess what kind of shoes they are? If you do, don't scroll down yet. If you don't you still might not want to scroll down :)

Do they slip on? Kind of

How about tie? Yes

Are they tennis shoes? No

Do they shine? One pair does

Are they church shoes? No

How about boots? No

What's left? Well. . .

ballet and . . .

. . . pointe shoes!

Yes, I got new ballet and pointe shoes and decided to take pictures of them before they were danced on. It is surprising how dirty they can get! The ballet shoes are canvas and supposedly easier to point your foot in. I usually get leather ballet shoes so I am curious if I will like them any better. Unlike the ballet shoes, my new pointe shoes are almost the same as my old ones, just a little bit wider. Hope your week is going well!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cookies in the Kitchen

Middle Sister and my Mom made M&M cookies (much to the delight of Youngest Sister, my Dad, and I). We'll see how long they last. . . ~Megan

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Something's Always Growing

Sunday- Sunflower

We planted sunflower seeds in a corner of our backyard a couple of months ago. We have tried to grow them before, but after planting them haven't followed through with watering. This time, however, my Mom soaked the seeds in water for a couple of days before planting them and my Dad having watering them outside after planting them. They now tower above our fence. . . very well hydrated!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Something's Always Growing

Saturday- Lavender

A pot with lavender grows on the step leading up to our front porch. My Mom decided to put it their because she read in a magazine it puts off a good aroma. However, when Middle Sister, Youngest Sister, and I walked by the lavender, we couldn't smell anything different! We had to smash one of the leaves to really get the scent. I don't know if it's the lavender or us! Maybe it's the magazine :)


Friday, September 11, 2009

Something's Always Growing

Friday- Spirea

Four spirea grow by the sidewalk leading up to our front door. They have little clumps of tiny purple/pink flowers and attract bees. A few years ago they and the plants around them had plenty of room. Now, the spirea are using every bit of space they can! We recently replaced one and you can tell that it is the youngest, by its size.


Opening the Present . . .

. . . you will find that I am
sewing a stack and slash quilt with my aunt,
knitting a scarf,

. . . as well as working on
school :) ,
copying all my poems into one notebook,

. . . and you will find on my night stand
The Samurai's Tale by Erik Christian Haugaard

. . . and, lately, I have been listening to
The Beautiful Letdown by Switchfoot (one of my Dad's favorites :)

Have a good weekend! ~Megan

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Something's Always Growing

Thursday- Shrub Rose

A shrub rose grows to the left of our driveway. It blooms beautifully, but you don't want to hold the stem with you bare hands, due to its thorns. A couple of years ago we found out that Luna Moth Larva like it. We saw the larva on the shrub rose and spent a morning going to nature centers, trying to figure out what the freaky looking caterpillar was. If you had seen it, you would have seen a short stubby green creature with tiny red, yellow, and blue spikes coming out of it. If you had felt it, it would have felt small and velvety. The little spikes would have felt harder, but not sharp. Our search was successful and we were told to put the Luna Moth Larva back on our shrub rose, as you don't find one of them everyday. We were also told that it would weaken the plant. Did we want to keep our plant. . . or this larva. . . alive? We ended up setting the Luna Moth Larva free in the nature center's land. The shrub rose has grown a lot since then. Hopefully the Luna Moth Larva did too!


Something's Always Growing

Wednesday- Phlox

A phlox grows by the sidewalk leading up to our front door. Its purple color pops next to its neighbors, green bushes. The dainty petals and rough leaves are a contrast to each other, but the overall picture is a pretty one.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Something's Always Growing

Tuesday- Day Lilies

Day lilies grow in little berms on each side of our driveway. They live up to their name and can be gorgeous one day, and limp the next. When a day lily has finished blooming, it and the stem turn brown. You have to stay on top of pulling these dead flowers up, or else you will have as many of them as leaves!


Monday, September 7, 2009

Something's Always Growing

Monday- Rose of Sharon

Three rose of sharon bushes grow by the side of our house. Before we moved in, my Mom had never heard of them. The closest she had come was having an aunt named Sharon! We found out that they bloom this time of year and are a favorite spot for passing bees. When I was in a dance called Rose of Sharon a year later, we had a good idea of what it was!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vegetables From Our Garden

The cucumber, green pepper, and tomato plants in our backyard have been giving us fresh vegetables lately. They have tasted good, although some of our red tomatoes haven't been tried (due to their unappealing appearance).

Here you may be able to see the unattractive red tomatoes. This is the first year we haven't used tomato cages around the plants and they seem to have noticed :) We'll see how long they keep growing. . .

Hope everyone's week is going well!