Thursday, March 11, 2010


This winter it has snowed a lot more than it usually does. It snowed before Christmas, after Christmas, and on Christmas. Even now, in March, it is supposed to snow tomorrow.

By now, even the most devout winter lovers I know are ready for spring. The warmer weather has seemed to tease us. One day this week, the temperature was in the 50's. Last night, there was a rain storm, complete with lightning and thunder. Though, for some reason, that weather has not settled down to stay.

I like different things about all the seasons and in winter snow comes to mind. When I am in my room, reading or doing school work, and it starts to snow I go to my window and roll up the blinds, so that nothing unnecessary blocks my view. As a watch the serene flakes fall to the ground, a very un-serene cry will go through the house. Before long, a blond head will pop in the doorway and excitedly announce "It's snowing!"

On one snowy day, inspired by friend Brooke, I made it outside to take some pictures of the snowflakes. My coat is the background of the first three pictures and a piece of paper is the background of the second two. Here they are-


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Brooke said...

I love those pictures! We had the same construction paper. Great minds think alike ;)