Monday, December 13, 2010

The Advent Countdown

Weeks go along as the candles are lit, one after another.

Though life goes on faster than ever, each night we gather to sit and watch. After all, busyness is never an answer.

The quiet moments are when things happen-- when we are attentive enough to see what is happening.

Expectations rise for the hope that is drawing near. Gratitude rises for the blessings that fall down, covering up other troubles.

This week I am grateful for. . .

61. The first snow of the year 

62. Safe roads despite the snow 

63. An afternoon spent reading 

64. An evening spent wrapping gifts 

65. The pink hat I received from a friend 

66. Birthday plans being made

67. Books to curl up with on dark nights 

68. Chocolate

69. Hope 

70. The quiet times

Blessed quiet to you~ Megan

1 comment:

Hannah Marie said...

We're doing the advent candles over at my house too, Megan! Merry Christmas! ~HM

P.S. LOVE the new blog design!!!