Monday, January 31, 2011

Reflecting with Thanks

 Remembering the week with eyes of gratitude. . .

156. God's sense of humor

157. New pointe shoes

158. Sewing kits

159. Growing flexibility

160. Foggy days

161. Movie nights

162. Popcorn

163. Shadows

164. My Nana's condo sold

165. My Nana's garage cleaned

166. Dancing fingers

165. New songs

167. Snowy woods

161. Youngest Sister's prayer that the weather won't decide to snow more 

170. Blue sky


Friday, January 28, 2011

One Wild Moment

Youngest Sister plays downstairs
Grapefruit dances on my tongue
I am savoring the moment, the break
Poetry goes through my head
Just a couple lines studied yesterday
About paths and ways and life
I wonder about today

Middle Sister asks what I am doing
A pen now in hand
Above a piece of paper
"I am writing," I say
Not a satisfying response
She is ready to leave
Then I add, "A poem"

The poem has neither rhyme nor rhythm
Even though I love rhymes
Maybe I am looking for a rhyme
Something to hold the day together
Youngest Sister wants me to play
Sentences need to be diagrammed
And yet I am here

The clock steadily ticks
Warning of passing time
I remember again the poems
About way leading on to way
One step, tick, moment at a time
I am choosing what to do
With my one wild and precious life

The poems about ways leading on to ways and precious life: "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost and "The Summer Day" by Mary Oliver 


Monday, January 24, 2011

Sparkle and Shine

I have always loved the gem collections in natural history museums. Fossils are tolerated, and even liked to some extent, but it's always those jewels that capture me.

Going up and down the aisles of a craft store, painting a picture, writing a poem, and looking at gems all capture me.

I lose myself .
I lose track of time.

There is a verse in the Bible about thinking on bright and beautiful things.  I found it in Philippians 4:8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things. Maybe my enjoyment in things that sparkle and shine (both literally and figuratively) has its place in glorifying God too. 

Giving thanks for things that sparkle and shine--

141. Be-jeweled bobby pins

142. Cookie Baking

143. Snow balls

144. Icicles

145. Dresses

146. Book societies, especially with Jane Austen 

147. A lovely event with lovely people

148. Moments when the world feels like one big snow globe

149. Rosy cheeks

150. E-mails with my cousin

151. Revealed nests

152. Middle Sister's first sleep over

153. Middle Sister back home

154. Successful (though dramatic) loss of Youngest Sister's sixth tooth

155. Delightful correspondence between Youngest Sister and the Tooth Fairy


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Multitudes of Things

This morning I realized two things. The first is that it's Saturday and I still haven't done a Multitude Monday post. The second is that I have twenty-two notebooks.

Though different, these two things left me amazed at how little things add up-- for good and for bad.

Only three out of all those notebooks are filled. Nine of them are completely empty. I didn't notice the amount of notebooks because they were all scattered around my closet. It was only when I gathered them together that the truth became known.

I thank God for my food and other things as they happen. The blessings are scattered around my life. But, because they're scattered, I forget about all I have. Participating in Multitude Monday has helped me to gather up my blessings.

The question still remains-- Why didn't I count my blessings on Monday? Could it be that I was too busy counting other things? Am I so overwhelmed with material things that there is no room to be overwhelmed with blessings? Here is yet another time I need grace. Always grace

 I have started making a pile with books and other things that are only cluttering my closet. Once finished, I am hoping those things add up to multitudes. Perhaps then I will be overwhelmed by the right things. 

The right things, meaning the things of the heart.  

Giving thanks despite being a bit behind schedule. . . 

131. Snow days (even though homeschooling happens regardless of the weather)

132 Ice wreaths in the winter sunshine

133. Getting to see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

134. Creative cooking

135. Warm Chocolate Puddings made with left over candy from Halloween candy due to a shortage of chocolate chips

136. Snow ice cream

137. Waking up to an alarm playing music-- not beeping

138. Waking up and having time to read

139. Opening eyes 

140. Routines


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Swirl of Footsteps

 Surrounded by a swirl of footsteps
Walking in the snow
I am overwhelmed 
Not knowing where to go 

Surrounded by a swirl of footsteps 
I try to decide
Do I make my own path
Or let others be my guide

Surrounded by a swirl of footsteps 
Focused on the ground
I finally look up
   And see where to be found

 May you have successful steps this weekend~ Megan 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Middle Sister Celebration

It has officially been a decade, and we are still celebrating her arrival.  Happy birthday to my dear Middle Sister!  ~Megan 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Like Birds of a Feather

All day, it has been snowing.  For the first time this winter, there is enough snow on the ground to go sledding.  For the first time this winter, my Dad could not get to work because of the snow. 

The snow keeps falling.
The birds keep flying.

I wonder if we are not like the birds.
I wonder if we attempt to dodge oncoming blessings because of fear.

The snowflakes are cold, at first.
The snowflakes form a blanket fast.

 But, being a bird is not all bad.

When you're a bird you stay close to other birds.
When you're a bird you are protected by feathers.

You are not the one who provides your warmth.
You have the Creator taking care of you.

Giving thanks for falling blessings--

116.  Birds.

117.  Flying.  But that does NOT include a recent dream (or rather nightmare?) in which I landed an airplane. . . . Really, I do not ever hope to be a pilot.

118.  Cold temperatures (please note it is not nearly as cold as this thermometer would like you to believe).

119.  Snow!

120.  A sledding trip on our favorite hill.

121.  Hot chocolate at home after the walk back from sledding.  Today my little chocolate calendar shared a recent study showing that a brisk fifteen minute walk reduces chocolate cravings, but I found the hot chocolate even better.  But, then again, I did not time our walk.  

122.  Breath you can see.

123.  Unique--snowflakes, birds, blessings.

124.  Snowed in together.

 125.  Baking and decorating cookies with Meemaw.

 126.  Beautifully bound old books.

127.  Beautifully bound new books.

128.  A musical birthday gift.

129.  Sisters begging for a turn to try and play it.

130.  A new mug full of tea.

Blessed warmth to you~ Megan

Monday, January 10, 2011

Naming a Year

It started one week ago.  I couldn't quite figure it out.  Why name a year?  And yet, there it was.  I first heard about through my Mom, who had named the year for the first time.  My Mom had heard about it here.  I could recognize the beauty in it, but was still far from actually naming a year myself.  

Then I was seeing it.  More people I knew were choosing names for 2011.  Over and over I found myself inspired.  I would read a word and taste its sweetness.  However, I would think, even if I did name the year, I couldn't choose just one name. 
 Then, during the minutes transitioning from the full day to my sleep, I understood.  I realized my word.

I knew my word for the year is grace.      

It had been showing up in all sorts of places.  

Before Christmas and my birthday I had puzzled over the idea of growing gracefully.

Doing ballet, I have worked hard to dance with grace.

Believing in Jesus, I have been enveloped in grace.    

Christmas morning came and what did I receive?  A necklace (made by a friend who also named  her year) with words on it picked for me by my Mom.   

always grace.

Let go of perfection.  Always grace. 

I still haven't completely figured it out.  I simply see that for me, this year is a year of grace.  ~Megan

If you too are naming your year, please share!   

Monday, January 3, 2011


 A new year, anew with thanks. . .

101.  Resolutions (despite the fear they strike in me. . . I try very hard to keep promises and resolutions seem to be very intimidating promises)  

102.  Paper clips.  I am especially enthralled by the bird shaped ones I received for Christmas. 
 103. An evening with good friends 

104.  Nerf gun games that leave me sore . . . Oh, the things sisters can’t teach you!

105.  Pops of color 
106.  Happy

107.  New year 

108.   Quilts on beds

109.  An attempt at re-establishing routine after Christmas break

110.   Three birthdays next week that prompt a Birthday Break
111. Names that make me smile (like Birthday Break)   

112.  Music that calms 

113.  Chocolate and Fairy calendars that remind me time is passing

114.  My birthday in the middle of Christmas and New Year’s. . . reminding me of time even better than the  calendars

115.  That God is outside of time. . . that he can help everyone stuck in time. . . that we will someday be freed. Perhaps I’ll post more of my thoughts on this subject later in the year.  That could be a  resolution . . .

Happy 2011~  Megan