Monday, January 10, 2011

Naming a Year

It started one week ago.  I couldn't quite figure it out.  Why name a year?  And yet, there it was.  I first heard about through my Mom, who had named the year for the first time.  My Mom had heard about it here.  I could recognize the beauty in it, but was still far from actually naming a year myself.  

Then I was seeing it.  More people I knew were choosing names for 2011.  Over and over I found myself inspired.  I would read a word and taste its sweetness.  However, I would think, even if I did name the year, I couldn't choose just one name. 
 Then, during the minutes transitioning from the full day to my sleep, I understood.  I realized my word.

I knew my word for the year is grace.      

It had been showing up in all sorts of places.  

Before Christmas and my birthday I had puzzled over the idea of growing gracefully.

Doing ballet, I have worked hard to dance with grace.

Believing in Jesus, I have been enveloped in grace.    

Christmas morning came and what did I receive?  A necklace (made by a friend who also named  her year) with words on it picked for me by my Mom.   

always grace.

Let go of perfection.  Always grace. 

I still haven't completely figured it out.  I simply see that for me, this year is a year of grace.  ~Megan

If you too are naming your year, please share!   


Hannah said...

I've named my year, too: Brave. I think I need to practice in that area alot.

Kimberly said...

"Fly Free" is my theme.