Tuesday, February 1, 2011


 Apparently it is not just the name of an ice cream treat.

 Blizzard 2011 flashes across the TV screen. The weather channel is busy telling us to stay inside.

My dad goes out to shovel the snow that has already collected. Middle Sister and Youngest Sister want to get bundled and join him. My mom agrees, warning them to come in if they get very cold. 

I first take pictures out the window, content to be in warmth. Then I too go outside. After all, blizzards don't happen every day.

The wind blows and blows. It is impossible to tell what snow is falling and what snow has already fallen. The world is a blur of black and white, but mostly white.

The temperature drops. Both it and the snowflakes must have some wonderful padding, being able to plummet down without ever hurting themselves. Perhaps they are to busy biting us with the cold. Whatever the reason, we soon get cold and come back inside.

Despite danger and complications, there is something beautiful about this weather. It forces you inside, together, warm.

~ Megan


Tara said...

I agree. There is something beautiful about a blizzard. You are your sisters are very brave to venture outside. Brrr. Beautiful photos.

Megan said...

Thanks for visiting, Tara!