Monday, February 21, 2011

How Are You?

My answer to this question is usually the very common and non-descriptive "Good." Perhaps a little boring, but safe.

My PopPop, on the other hand, responds with "Best day of my life." This has puzzled me, but PopPop is not one to be questioned. He doesn't just say things-- he states them.  There is always a reason behind what he says. Still, the reason grew harder and harder to understand.

You see, PopPop has multiple sclerosis, MS for short.  He has a wheelchair and hand controls in his car because he has trouble walking. When it gets really bad, he can't hold a fork through the whole meal and he has to stop talking because of tremors that shoot through his jaw. How can all that add up to the best day of his life? I would wonder. 

Then I realized what it really meant. He was looking past pain and trials, embracing today. PopPop was living fully now with gratitude. I want to be more like him.

Another way of being grateful-- my gratitude list continued. . . 

196. Pancake breakfasts

197. Susie magazine          
198. Stew in the crock pot

199. Hot baths

200. New music (My dad gave this cd to my mom for Valentine's day, though it has made it's way to my iPod too :)

JJ Heller - When I'm with You [Audio CD]

201. A hunt for pink around the house (I'll share more about that later this week. . . )

202. Pencil shavings

203. Birds up and chirping with the sun

204. Full moons

205. A puzzle box from PopPop

So how am I today? Well, I think this may just be the best day of my life. ~Megan

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Hope Wilbanks said...

I *love* this!!! I think I'll adopt that, too. Next time someone asks me how I am, I'll smile when I think of you and your PopPop and say, "I think this might be the best day of my life." :)