Monday, March 14, 2011

Finding the Lint

Middle Sister, my dad, and I were coming back home from a jog last week when Middle Sister spotted something white in the yard. She asked what it was and my dad guessed that it was some kind of lint. I joked that it wasn't the same kind of lint as the season we were entering Wednesday. But, this made me consider more deeply my idea of Lent.

I have always thought of Lent as the season leading up to Easter when you make a resolution to draw you closer to God. The idea of dirt being called lint too caused me to wonder if Lent is a time to look for the dirt in our own lives.

Our dryer has a pull-out screen that collects lint from our clothes. After a load, we have to pull off the sheet of lint that formed on the screen. There are words on the top of the screen, Clean Before Loading, that remind us of the under-lying dirt.

I think the season of Lent has many more layers than I originally thought. I also think one of those layers is God's reminder to do some spring cleaning in our hearts.

 Continuing to count my blessings as Lent begins. . .

240. Playing Twister with people good at becoming knots

241. Soup on the stove-- leftovers in the fridge

242. Going to see The King's Speech. It was very well done and fit right in with our studying World War II in history.

243. Puddles on the ground and water droplets on the windows

244. Successful piano competition; not because of how I played, but because of the peace God gave me.

245. A new bag

246. A surprise out the window this morning. A little bit of a shocking surprise. Really weather? More snow? I did enjoy the 70 degree weather Friday. . .

247. Pointe shoes that work well for my feet

248. Listening to the sermon yesterday morning in church. . . viewing the hard topic of death as separation. . . continuing to ponder our pastor's words. . . beginning to see separation as the great antagonist in becoming the body of Christ. . . seeing simplicity in complicated ideas. . .

249. The start of Lent

250. Fifteen minutes a day writing out Matthew; beginning to clean my heart

Blessings to you at the start of this season of Lent~ Megan


hannah said...

ooooh, Megan!!! i LOVE your new vera bradley bag! and your pointe shoes look SOOO pretty!!! love, hannah

Joy Lake said...

Love this post. There isn't much better than soup on the stove. I loved The King's Speech as well.

Craig said...

I’m here from Ann’s – just took a while to get here :)

First of all – now your confusing me – it’s the season of lint – or Lent:) I got that confused when I was a kid – so that’s funny to me.

And because I heart scripture – and I’m memorizing Philippians and wondering if writing it out would be helpful – and because it’s just the most tremendous spiritual practice I’ve heard in a while - my favorite from your list this week is: 250. Fifteen minutes a day writing out Matthew; beginning to clean my heart

Thank you for this, and God Bless and Keep you and all of yours.

Megan said...

Hannah- I love my new bag too :)

Joy Lake- I am glad you enjoyed the post!

Craig- Sorry for confusing you :) Blessings as you work on Philippians.

Thank you all for visiting!