Sunday, April 24, 2011

Painting the Week on Vacation

This week has been full of firsts--
First trip to California
First time in the Pacific Ocean
First painting of the week on vacation.

I painted the background on my calendar page at home.  That way, I could add details with colored pencils here.

It seemed fitting to photograph the calendar painting on the hotel bed

May you have a wonderful Easter weekend full of good firsts~ Megan

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Up, Up, and Away

I am in the plane.

Over clouds,
          Creamy, fluffy clouds.

It is crazy.
           Wildly crazy.

We are climbing,
             Up, up, and away

Off to San Francisco.

I wrote that down while in the sky, but am now sharing it while sitting in our hotel room. More on what we are doing on the ground later~ Megan 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Going to Fly

Tomorrow at this time, I will be
                        hours and hours away from home.

I will have boarded a plane,
                         flown over mountains and valleys,
                                                    and arrived by the ocean.

The last time I flew was ten years ago
                             and I remember most 
                                                  the Starbursts I ate.

 Tomorrow, I will notice more
                          and am hoping to post a bit this week and next
                                                                                    about the trip.

But, until then, I am here
                            to continue my gratitude list--

321. Passion Fruit Iced Tea

322. Beautiful weeds

323. Liquid sunsets

324. A glimpse of why Middle Sister and Youngest Sister are confused as twins

In the picture, even I can barely tell the difference

325. Being called outside to view a caterpillar-looking plant

 326. Youngest Sister outside when I was working on her birthday gift

327. Realizing Youngest Sister's inconvenient position before I started working 

328. Blinds

329. Youngest Sister's ignorance of the closed blinds

330. Her sweet voice barely audible

331. The basement craft table; a place to make a mess 

 332. Petite paintings

333. Youngest Sister's birthday

334. A fun time dancing to Viva La Vida for a local charity fundraiser

335. Backstage

Oh, the excitement!

336. Making an "arabesque line" afterward

337. An attempt at flying a kite

It never got higher than it is in this picture, due to a lack of wind. . . I am glad planes don't work like that!

338. Packed bags. That is, now they are packed. A few hours ago, my bed looked like this--

Thankfully, I have a good suitcase with a strong zipper.

May your week be full of exciting things, be it flying or not~ Megan

Friday, April 15, 2011

Painting the Week Inspired

I must confess, I did not actually paint this week's calender painting. Today's rain and dreary feel seemed to inspire me into laziness. As I did not want to make a mess with paints, I simply used colored pencils and markers--

I like the page, but can't decide if I like the inspiration. . . or where it took me (it appears colored pencils and markers can make a mess too). Maybe there will be more sunshine next week. For now, I hope you have a weekend full of the best kind of inspiration~ Megan

Monday, April 11, 2011

Putting The Pieces Together

Lately, I have felt like as soon as one piece of life comes together, another gets out of place. For example I posted both Monday and Tuesday here on the blog last week, but neglected reading my book. Then I read Wednesday and Thursday, but didn't blog. I hope to get better at this balancing act as well as other ones.

For now I am glad to be back here focusing on putting the pieces of my gratitude in place. . .

302. Bubbles

303. Tulips

304. Flowering dogwood trees

305. A sleepover at my MeeMaw and PawPaw's house

306. Watching PawPaw type, and then I tried out this antique myself 

307. The first picnic of the year

308. Searching for four leaf clovers

309. Three four leaf clovers found (is that enough of a tongue twister?!)

310. Morel mushroom hunt. We didn't find any, but learning about the outdoors with my PawPaw was enjoyable in and of itself. Besides, I don't like mushrooms. 

311. Spring Peepers peeping away at a pond

312. Water. I didn't quite realize how much I rely on it until it stopped working for a few hours while my sisters and I were at my Meemaw and PawPaw's house. Made me thankful for hand sanitizer!

313. Watching Tangled (so cute!)

314. Warm, sunshiny days

315. Logs that look like animals

The crocodile. . .

. . . and the snake.

316. Spotting a (real) turtle

317. The tire swing in MeeMaw and PawPaw's side yard

318. Book deals. I really am sad that a local Borders is closing, but it is hard to beat 80 and 90 percent off. Of course, purchasing an unfamiliar book and CD  may not be the best five dollars I ever spent . . .   

319. Peace with decisions about next school year

320. Calendar painting. I know I'm a little late with it. . . Still trying to get it ready to post on Fridays. . .
 Yet another piece of the puzzle!

 May all your pieces fit together~ Megan

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Birthday Tea Party

A table set. . .

Tea cups arranged. . .

Activities prepared. . .

Cream and sugar readied. . .

Teapots gathered. . .

 Treats made. . .

 And the birthday girl smiling. . .

 It's teatime!

I too am smiling as I link up with Donna for Tuesday Tea. May your week be full of smiles~ Megan

Monday, April 4, 2011

Bouquet of Thanks

Bits and pieces of wonderful scattered around the week. . .

285. Two new CD's

 286. Rhyming couplets

287. Youngest Sister's birthday tea party 

288. Cute clip art

289. A color printer

290. Quiz about the Disney princesses Youngest Sister gave me 

291. Thunderstorms 

292. No damage after hail   

293. The smell of Hyacinths

294. Green everywhere

295.  Daffodils smiling at the end of our driveway

296. The robin who sat in this tree long enough for me to take a picture

 297. Youngest Sister's enjoyment of her first sleep over 

298. The rest of our family surviving without Youngest Sister

299. A special package arriving in the mail today

300. This beautiful necklace I won in a give away at Rayanne's blog

301. Fresh flowers on our kitchen table making the room smell sweet

May your week be full of blossoms~ Megan