Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back Again

I came to the last page of my journal last night and found myself writing down blessings. Here I am, back again, to share a few of them with you. . .

364. perspective

365. a good piano recital

366. being able to play my song despite cold hands

367. healing words

368. enlightening discoveries

369. a seized opportunity

370. remembering a name

371. a conversation that showed me why

372. voices

373. that being in Christ means being in love

374. things put into context

375. abundant grace

376. bobby pins

377. inspiring people

378. humorous interpretations

379. a full journal

380. Blogger working again

May your week be full of blessings~ Megan


Alie said...

I'm glad to hear your piano recital went well! Congratulations to you! I like bobby pins too. :)

Hannah said...

Beautiful picture, Megan! And I can totally relate to the one about blogger working again. ;)

Tay Talk said...

Today I was sitting outside looking at just that of your picture. Not only beautiful, so yummy to smell.

healing words...such a blessing.