Monday, June 13, 2011

Joyful Gratitude

Yesterday my family and I went to a local nursery. I had my camera with me and started snapping pictures of the lovely flowers. As I took the pictures, I realized something-- taking a picture helps me appreciate what I'm photographing. The brief pause and focus the process requires helps me see things more clearly. 

I'm finding my gratitude list more and more like taking picture. Both practices capture beauty and make me stop to appreciate it. They also supply me with the ever-elusive joy.

Sharing pictures of flowers and counting my blessings. . . 

 427. S'more and firefly catching time

428. Summer sleepovers

429. Deep sleep 

430. Pinterest fun

421. Boxes wrapped up in ribbon

432. Walking by the 20 Items and Under check-out line in Wal-Mart just as a focused lady directed her husband to it saying "Yes, we can go here. We only have 18 items." Made me smile.

433. Spectacular storytelling

434. Thunder and lightning adding special effects

435. Bubbling laughter

436. My dad's quiet encouragement as we jog

437. Spontaneously meeting good friends for frozen yogurt

438. Coincidental remembering

439. Decorated shirts

440. Waking up and remembering my dream. It had something to do with a character I made up (one that I know and have been trying to create a story around) who was meeting the Queen of England in Morocco. I don't know any thing about the Queen of England or Morocco, but I wondered if I should do some research and write a story about it.

441. A clean face

442. Flashlight tag

443. A dear friend teaching me how to line dance

444. Hearing Les Miserables music drift out of a neighbor's house while we were on a walk

445. Family walks

446. Old dresses

447. Supplies from the library

448. Long reading time; pages turning quickly

May your week be full of joy~ Megan


TG said...

It's interesting that taking pictures helps you to focus more closely on something. Often I've seen the opposite for people. They are so busy taking pictures (of scenery, or family events, or art) that they miss entirely what they are photographing. Good for you for having eyes to see!

Brooke said...

I love your pictures. I totally agree with you. While taking pictures, it's a whole lot easier to appreciate the awesome beauty of God's creation.


Tara said...

Great perspective on photography, Megan, and beautiful photos. I really enjoyed your gratitude list. It reminded me of being a young woman, not that I am old but I am older than you. It also gave me a little sneak peek into how your mother must feel getting to spend each day with you and your sisters.

Inna said...

I love walking by random people and hearing their snippets of conversation!

Sometimes you hear the funniest things. Once I heard someone say, "When I was little, my bathroom was all butterflies."