Sunday, June 26, 2011

Painting the Week with Techniques

This past week I had the opportunity to take a watercolor class at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. While there I learned several different techniques--

Graded wash: Painting a line of color then wetting the brush and dragging that line of paint down.

Rubbing Alcohol: Spraying a little bit of rubbing alcohol on a section of painted paper, causing it to turn white wherever the alcohol touched.

Sponge: Applying paint with a sponge.

 Plastic Wrap: Laying a sheet of plastic wrap over a painting while it is still wet and scrunching the plastic wrap into interesting patterns. You let it dry overnight then peel off the plastic wrap, leaving white lines.

Paper Towel: Dabbing a freshly painted area with a paper towel.

Variegated wash: Several colors of paint swirled together.

Flat wash: A layer of paint applied on the paper evenly.

Layering brush strokes: Painting over a flat wash with different colors and patterns.

Salt: Sprinkling salt on a newly painted section of paper and allowing it to sit there. Once the paint has dried, you brush off the salt and it takes part of the paint with it, making the page have little dots and patterns.

In an effort to both use and remember these techniques, I decided to try one of them in each square of my calendar painting for this week--

Saturday-- variegated wash, Sunday-- sponge, Monday-- paper towel, Tuesday-- salt, Wednesday-- flat wash, Thursday-- graded wash, Friday-- layering brush strokes

Unfortunately I forgot one thing-- to use watercolor paper. Watercolor paper is made with fabric that helps absorb all the water needed to paint with watercolors, whereas the regular paper I used doesn't have any fabric and, therefore, doesn't react well to water. I am hoping to use watercolor paper next week so the techniques work better. Until then here are the two big pieces of art I made at the classes--

Happy watercoloring! ~Megan


Rayanne said...

Love your artwork! When I get back into painting, I'm coming back to this post!
Sweet heart, Thank you for your kind and gentle words for and to me from my last post, you bless me so!

Tara said...

Beautiful, Megan. You make me want to pick up a brush and some watercolours and just paint.

Miranda said...

Megan! All of these pictures are gorgeous!!! I love your different techniques. I may have to try the salt thing sometime... that is such a great idea!

Hannah said...

i love your artwork, Megan!