Monday, June 6, 2011

Simple Thanks

A week full of blessings, 
                    simply beautiful things, 
                                               that made me smile. . . 

411. Another safe trip to a visitation 

412. Going to a restaurant we've been wanting to try

413. Nails painted ballet pink 

414. Lunch with my mom

415. Two new Lucy shirts

416. Bunny-proofed morning glories

417. Youngest Sister singing "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" before bed

418. A fire pit

419. Melt-in-you-mouth marshmallows 

420. Swimming in the heat and feeling refreshed 

421. A visit with the waterlilies 

422. Youngest Sister tapping around the house in high heels

423. Seeing my cousins who live a few hours away

424. A sleepover with a dear friend

425. A sliver of the moon

426. The feeling of summer 

Simple blessings to you~ Megan


Rayanne said...

Love sis with the high heels!
Great post!

Hannah said...

Love your nails, Megan! They're so pretty! (and I especially love the sparkles. :)

Jennifer said...

It makes me smile to imagine her singing that song, Megan :)