Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On Vacation

Continuing with gratitude during a week away from home. . .

521. time in the car

522. my mom sharing stories about camping by the lake

523. a nice hotel room

524. Middle Sister and Youngest Sister creating a makeshift Barbie area in between the beds

525. tea from home (courtesy of my mom)

526. my dad telling us about when he went on vacation as a kid

527. refreshing dips in the pool

528. watching Tangled with my sisters

  Youngest Sister added the blue ribbon, as (for the moment :) this is her favorite movie 

529. slower days

530. time with my family

May your week include a break, whether or not you go on vacation~ Megan

1 comment:

Joy Lake said...

Great photos. I love how they have a similar color theme :)