Monday, October 10, 2011


Taking steps toward a life full of gratitude, one "thank you" at a time. . .  

556. open windows letting in fresh air

557. blankets

558. walking outside to get the newspaper

559. stories everywhere

560. Pinterest inspiration

561. a knitting project

562. swinging on our back patio

563. leaves changing colors

564. a friend's fun Halloween party

565. my dad's help with science experiments

566. discussions

567. agreeing to disagree

568. stars in a velvety sky

569. peaceful dreams

570. receding colds

571. a peek into church roots and controversies in The Church of the East

572. sisters helping me study for a test

573. my ballet teacher giving birth to a healthy baby girl

574. the fascinating people taking a guitar class with my dad and me at a local community college

575. crisp air

Autumn blessings to you~ Megan


Stacie said...

You've got a great list here, but today I'm going to go with #534 as my fave. I'm learning to pay attention to all the stories around me, because they ARE so rich.

Rayanne said...

Lovely to read your gratitude list today!!
It's always uplifting!!
Much love, Rayanne