Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

Gratitude in Now

Continuing my gratitude list, glad that every day can hold thanks giving. . .

611. listening to Christmas music and creating on Tuesday afternoon

612. baking bread and cookies

613. a sink full of dirty dishes conquered

614. one day set aside for thanks

615. too much food

617. instructions on making stuffing from my PopPop

618. playing music for others

619. seeing the Plaza Lights lit

620. time volunteering at a homeless shelter

621. humbling perspective

622. an evening spent playing Dominoes, Apples to Apples, Catch Phrase, and Things with friends

623. Thanksgiving leftovers

624. discernment conquering judgment

625. approaching sunset with ever-changing color

626. staying up late Friday night to finish a book

627. sleeping in the next morning

628. organizing the basement

629. neat and tidy Barbie world (which has transformed from a town to one big house)

630. Christmas decorations emerging from the storage area

631. spontaneously seeing a movie

632. holiday excitement

633. the way the reasons for these holidays always hold wonder

Blessings to you, now~ Megan

Painting the Week of Thankful

This week has been full 
of food
family and friends
from that very pleasant holiday
where you give thanks 

Happy painting! ~Megan

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Everyday Gifts

So much good in the present. . . 

596. Sunday evening spent playing Dominoes

597. the incredible power of prayer

598. many voices joined together in song

599. listening to Mandisa while in the car

600. the way different, uplifting songs get stuck in my head at just the right times

601. watching a dear friend perform

602. fun and real conversation with friends

603. babysitting two little boys

604. learning about balloon animals

605. home with my family

606. fun in an im-promptu audition in modern on Monday

607. sisters making fleece tie blankets

608. Youngest Sister spotting the fleece with a panda bear print from (almost) the other end of the store

609. gift supplies being accumulated

610. bubbling anticipation

Blessings~ Megan

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Painting the Weeks of Fast

Sharing reflections on weeks flown away--

Happy painting~ Megan

Hello, November

The first weekend of November I participated in a piano competition. It was a couple of hours away from home, near a beautiful state park and barn, so the rest of my family came and we turned it into a kind of day trip.

Do you see the reflection of my piano music in the window?

After overcoming cold hands and shaky fingers to play my pieces for a judge with a very Russian name, we took advantage of the beautiful weather with time outdoors.

First off was a state park. . .

Next we went to a barn. . .  

Chickens and roosters have such vivid personalities!

Finally, we conquered a corn maze. . .

It was a refreshing time spent together! Happy November~ Megan

Running to the Light

Thankful for everyday. . .   

576. fire pit fun

577. the smell of smoke lingering on my sweater

578. being huddled up in a blanket on our patio swing

579. making "acorns"

580. my mom learning she has a dairy allergy

581. problems going away with the butter, milk, and cheese

582. dairy free

583. counting 107 trick-or-treaters while handing out candy for the first time

584. transformations into Cleopatra, a gypsy, and a panda

585. chili and rice

586. a quarterly science test completed

587. finishing reading Robinson Crusoe (It was okay, but lengthy)

588. my Dutch friend teaching me Dutch things

589. Chipotle

590. watching Cars 2 with my sisters

591. Daddy home after a week away

592. a dinner of pumpkin pancakes

593. adventuring through Trader Joe's

594. Thanksgiving turkey in the fridge

595. calmed wind

Blessings~ Megan

Wordless Wednesday

When Things Pile Up

I've been dealing with piles lately.

There were leaves that very literally needed to be raked into piles at my MeeMaw and PawPaw's house.

There are piles of school work every day that need to be completed.

There is a pile of books in my nightstand that sit waiting to be read.

There is an ever-growing number of posts I want to write that have been falling into my journal.

Piles can be intimidating.

When a yard is covered with leaves it is hard to know where to begin raking.

Now that my mind is covered with post ideas it is hard to know where to begin writing.

I am finally going to deal with this posting pile. It will be a messy process, but I am hoping to get a clean slate again soon.

After all, piles can be wonderful pads to jump into and out of.

I might just uncover a lawn of grace the mess was hiding.

Blessed jumping and piling to you~ Megan