Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Everyday Gifts

So much good in the present. . . 

596. Sunday evening spent playing Dominoes

597. the incredible power of prayer

598. many voices joined together in song

599. listening to Mandisa while in the car

600. the way different, uplifting songs get stuck in my head at just the right times

601. watching a dear friend perform

602. fun and real conversation with friends

603. babysitting two little boys

604. learning about balloon animals

605. home with my family

606. fun in an im-promptu audition in modern on Monday

607. sisters making fleece tie blankets

608. Youngest Sister spotting the fleece with a panda bear print from (almost) the other end of the store

609. gift supplies being accumulated

610. bubbling anticipation

Blessings~ Megan

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