Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Giving All

     I have a big notebook dedicated to magazine clippings. This picture is of one of the pages, a page full of words I love. This past week I have been thinking about words in the context of choosing one as a name for the year. On Sunday I posted that All was my word of choice, but All has not been feeling quite right to me. More and more, the word Give has come to my mind. It seems as though giving requires all-- knowing both what all matters and where all comes from-- it is just a more practicable name for the year. I now see that it snuck into the last line of my All post. That I am giving my all. That is something good to practice-- always.  

Continuing to give thanks. . . 

671. pens full of ink

672. lunch out with my mom

673. beautiful paper on sale

674. ice skating

675. new yarn

676. untangled knots

677. celebrating the new year with good friends

678. weaving (it's addicting!)

679. books on CD

680. lotion from a dear friend

681. waking up with a routine, but not a schedule

682. Middle Sister's first pointe shoe fitting

683. getting the same style of pointe shoes as Middle Sister

684. an improved arch on my formerly-flat feet

685. words

Blessings~ Megan

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