Monday, February 20, 2012

Balancing Act

Responsibilities with school and dance
pull at me from different sides,
proving balance tricky to maintain.
But, in the midst of it,
I am finding that these challenges pull me up,
to the One who steadies all.
A wonderful place to be

Continuing my gratitude list. . . 

710. comfortable walking weather

711. ballet songs running through my head

712. love

713. a smooth week of school

714. creating collages with friends

715. learning how to do a gel transfer

716. long nap on Saturday-- unusual for me, but very helpful

717. ballet shoes turning grey from use

718. new episodes of True Jackson VP available to watch instantly with Netflix

719. going to a piano concert with my dad for the second week in a row

720. driving on a real road for the first time

721. my dad teaching me patiently

722. a blast at this concert 

725. enjoying Laura Story's testimony, Mandisa's dancing, and both of their beautiful voices

724. camera working after issues with the lens

725. rain clearing the air

Blessings~ Megan


rebekah said...

You inspire me so very much as a young lady. I can tell that you love God very much, for every time I see you I instantly am reminded of Christ. Thank you for writing!

*Rebekah B. from dance

Megan said...

Thank you Rebekah! I am so grateful for your friendship!