Saturday, May 19, 2012

She Saw a Panda

Wednesday began at the National Zoo, the home to two pandas. 

Youngest Sister has dreamed of seeing real pandas, as she so dearly loves every other version of them.

Well, we found one, a bit far away and shy. 

Things became exciting as he climbed (and ate part of) a tree. 

Then we found a second panda- eating bamboo!

Then it came down close to us and a zoo worker gave it food. 

But the day wasn't quite over- we hopped on the Metro and got off at Capitol South. 

With golden passes, we got into the House of Representatives and they happened to be voting at that time. It is rather amazing to see government in action. 

That evening we went to the National Cathedral. 

We walked around and admired the architecture. 

Finally, we attended Evensong.

But the highlight of the day for Youngest Sister? Well, She saw a panda. 


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