Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fantastically Fearless Feet

Fantastically fearless feet meet this floor   
They flex and pointe  
and tendu and turn 
They are carried by music  
and to the beat they yearn 

This floor sits sturdily speaking safety
It is scuffed and hard 
and dirty and dented  
It welcomes movement 
and with trust is contented  

The feet fade into a greater fabric  
 They transform bruised and filthy 
 and scratched and strong 
But they have accomplished the magical feat  
of singing a silent song 

Happy dancing~ Megan 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Carpet of Light

As I continue this hunt for beauty, I find it woven into the very ground. Listing gratitude seems to be simply walking a bit slower. . .

845. fresh basil

846. dear friends' birthdays

847. pool party fun

848. top desk drawer cleaned of random papers

849. a HUGE potato from my PopPop

850. lots of sleep

851. lightweight, lacy weaving experiment

852. summer officially beginning

853. a sweet lady at yoga

854. the support of friends

855. joyful-crazy-happy dancing at the end of the Real Rabbits dance

856. learning about matcha at a tea class (it is finely ground green tea leaves with amazing health benefits)

857. new sunglasses

858. delicious fudge made from a friend's recipe

859. grilled hamburgers and hotdogs

860. Youngest Sister getting headpiece for her Christmas Presents dance

861. birthday celebration encompassing six birthdays in the family

862. red and green weaving thanks to Middle Sister's suggestion (yep, more Christmas. . . and I wondered why I was humming holiday tunes. . . :)

863. hot day spent chilling inside

864. plotting a trip northwest

865. comparing music with my cousin

866. flies glowing in the sunlight

Wishing you light~ Megan

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Queen Anne, I Like Your Style

Classic and clean, this flower is continually delighting me! Any particular flower catching your eye?  ~Megan

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hello Summer

 The heat intensified and the pool visited, I am glad to for things to be official. Happy first day of summer! ~Megan

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wildflower Messy

Wildflowers smile everywhere, from morning walks to afternoon drives, reminding me to give thanks for the unexpected beauty crowding around every bend. . .

822. periwinkle sky 

823. good dental hygienists

824. listening to Enchantress From the Stars on CD 

825. weaving again 

826. Youngest Sister's mischievous, smiling face during her Nightmares dance

827. gel medium photo transfers

828. wildflowers on the side of the road

829. passport applications mailed

830. experience at the post office that was long, yet fascinating 

831. books for next school year on shelves

832. loft floor clear of books 

833. cherry tomatoes picked from the plant on our deck

834. dirty feet

835. successful check-up at the doctor's office after my cold hung around for over a week

836. strength through Friday rehearsal

837. trying origami with my sisters from a book Youngest Sister received

838. how paper can fold into boats and balloons

839. fresh, sweet oranges

840. clear breathing

841. time to make a card

842. closet floor cleared of clutter

843. my dad 

844. wrapping a gift

Wishing you wildflowers in bloom~ Megan

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Already Known

Humming Mandy Mapes' beautiful song. . . . giving thanks for a God who already knows and provides. . . . listing gratitude. . . .

806. sleeping in

807. the magic of story

808. art area organized

809. little ballerinas

810. spending Friday completely at home

811. orange juice

812. caring ballet teachers

813. my dad fixing me breakfast Saturday morning

814. my parents' encouragement

815. taking the ACT

816. a break halfway through the test

817. a girl who saw me going down the wrong hallway for the restroom and pointed me in the right direction

818. tissues

819. trying this Pinterest tip for naturally whiter nails (I should have taken before and after pictures- my nails look clean, but I can't decide if they look any whiter)

820. head cold leaving me

821. new music

Blessings~ Megan

Saturday, June 9, 2012


I have been caught by a cold,
That laid siege to my head.
I combatted it with liquid and sleep,
But it wouldn't be held back.

I was thankful not to have
A ballet rehearsal scheduled yesterday.
However, something I had anticipated
Was on the calendar for this morning.  

Today was my ACT test date; 
A chance to learn,
An occasion to gain experience,
A time to be self-possessed.

As it doesn't require spinning,
Or running, or singing,
I awoke early this morning
To gear up for the test.

I had been studying this past week
In an official prep book.
I had learned the format and rules,
What could and couldn't be brought.

I had permitted pencils, a calculator,
I.D., and granola bar ready. 
I also grabbed tissues and a water bottle, 
Hoping they too would be allowed.

My dad made breakfast for me, 
Then drove me to the high school. 
We walked through the west doors,
And I checked in at the proper room. 

Taking a seat at my assigned desk,
I saw how things really worked.
Much more was allowed in the test room
Than my book had outlined.

Still, my dad had to be outside the door.
I wanted to stay with him as long as possible,
Though all the other kids came alone.
Some days I feel quite old, just not today.

I fingered the tissues in my pocket,
Remembered the Dad with me always.
I read the vibrant posters on the walls,
Trying to encourage learning.

I took the ACT test.
I loved the learning.
I gained knowledge for next time.
I tried to act self-possessed.

After all, the way you act
Is the way you become,
Since on the stage of life,
heart and costume will eventually be one.

Blessed acting to you~ Megan

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Operation Tea-hydration

Staying happily hydrated~ Megan

Monday, June 4, 2012

Lavender Song

Singing about the beauty. . . 

796. sprinkler dodging on morning walk

797. dew sparkling on each blade of grass

798. new table and chairs on our deck

799.  action movie watching with my dad and sisters

800. good ballet rehearsal

801. becoming a character

802. driving to the library

803. my dad's patience in teaching me how to drive

804. trip to Powell Gardens

805. lavender in bloom

Blessings~ Megan

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy, Hoppy

Preparations for our ballet performance, The Velveteen Rabbit, have been accelerating. Choreography learned, music firmly in heads, the run-throughs have started. Yesterday afternoon found my sisters and I at one of these run-throughs. It marked the first Friday for my sisters to come and the first time for me to dance in costume. Here's a peek. . . 

Fun and excitment, these days are happy and hoppy.  ~Megan