Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wildflower Messy

Wildflowers smile everywhere, from morning walks to afternoon drives, reminding me to give thanks for the unexpected beauty crowding around every bend. . .

822. periwinkle sky 

823. good dental hygienists

824. listening to Enchantress From the Stars on CD 

825. weaving again 

826. Youngest Sister's mischievous, smiling face during her Nightmares dance

827. gel medium photo transfers

828. wildflowers on the side of the road

829. passport applications mailed

830. experience at the post office that was long, yet fascinating 

831. books for next school year on shelves

832. loft floor clear of books 

833. cherry tomatoes picked from the plant on our deck

834. dirty feet

835. successful check-up at the doctor's office after my cold hung around for over a week

836. strength through Friday rehearsal

837. trying origami with my sisters from a book Youngest Sister received

838. how paper can fold into boats and balloons

839. fresh, sweet oranges

840. clear breathing

841. time to make a card

842. closet floor cleared of clutter

843. my dad 

844. wrapping a gift

Wishing you wildflowers in bloom~ Megan

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