Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Turning Three

Today you, my dear blog, turn three. 

I can hardly believe the way time travels.
It seems as though I was just introducing myself
Oh, we've come a long way!  
This form of self expression has grown me. 
I love being able to contemplate the world. 
Thank you to anyone who reads this.
Your listening is truly a gift. 
And, blog, welcome to another year. 
Things haven't quite tied up from the last. 
Somehow I don't imagine they'll tie up for a good deal longer. 
Time traveling and all. 
 But don't get discouraged. 
Happily ever after is a process. 

Continuing my gratitude journal. . . 

891. watching a fireworks display with friends

892. loud and crazy being meaningful

893. sparkler twirling

894. swinging on the patio with my sisters 4th of July night

895. freedom

896. watching Brave (I found it amusing, with amazing animation, but having a somewhat forced plot)

897. strawberry balsamic and Persian lime olive oil drizzled on salad

898. spotting a friend while running errands

899. fun during our second dress rehearsal

900. quiet afterwards

901. Rose of Sharon beginning to bloom

902. watching a friend's baseball game

903. dust billowing from the ground

904. enthusiastic yelling

905. afternoon with my mom

906. seeing Snow White and the Huntsman (It seems we go to movies in spurts. I found the elements of story in this one spectacular and very thought-provoking. It wasn't nearly as much fun as Brave, but I enjoyed it more)

907. straw-like grass (though I really do want to get rain)

908. checkers games with my sisters

909. no need to "go easy on them" (at all)

910. Wii tennis tournament in honor of Wimbledon

911. cute and comfortable t-shirts

912. happy processes

913. three years of blogging

Blessings~ Megan


Laura said...

Congratulations on 3 years of blogging!! I have loved reading through this "window" into your life and thoughts. God has truly gifted you with your writing abilities and your artistic, photographic eye!!
I love you sweet niece!
Aunt Laura

tinuviel said...

Congratulations! Your words and photos are lovely. You seem quite the artist. May the Lord bless you richly in the process of happily ever after.

(This is your mom's friend Christina.)

Megan said...

Thank you so much, Aunt Laura and Christina!