Monday, November 26, 2012

Thankful Time

Raking in the blessings after a week of thanks. . . .

956. knitting a Barbie blanket 

957. playing the card games slap jack & golf 

958. sisters who teach me games 

959. raking leaves

960. eating chili~ packed around a dining room table~ lots of laughter

961. hearing an amazing opera singer with a dear friend

962. learning how to tie heart knots (thank you to this video)

963. frog in my throat leaving

964. said frog being figurative

965. a day of Thanksgiving

966. long piano piece roughly in my head

967. meeting second cousins for the first time 

968. having tea parties and "eating" almost as much pretend food as real

969. test for literature, spelling/vocab, and history complete

970. becoming well acquainted with the amendments to the Constitution

971. moving a chair from my room to Youngest Sisters'

972. managing to maneuver the chair through her doorway

973. it working in her room perfectly

974. completing my nature shadow box

975. figuring out why I got stuck on a math problem

976. visiting my Nana and finding her with a crochet hook & yarn

977. new pictures hung in our living room

978. a cold day with rain and a sprinkling of ice

979. babysitting an actual baby

980. my mom's wisdom on caring for babies

981. sleeping soundly

982. the sky constantly changing in beautiful ways

983. the moon saying hello in daylight

984. sisters researching chinchillas as pets

985. learning that the animals are nocturnal before any kind of commitments were made

986. Sevenly shirt arriving in the mail

987. first letter from a college mysteriously arriving in the mail (though how they found my is a mystery. . . not quite sure if I should be glad or paranoid :)

988. formulating Christmas gift ideas

Blessings to you~ Megan

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Speed of Love

The metro train in D.C. from our experience with it in May 

There is an invisible time bomb dropped Thanksgiving night
When the celebration of plenty
Gives way to a race for more
And sweet contentment
Finds a back door
Because Christmas is coming
And you mustn't be late
The calendar even comes with a 'save the date'
So we hurry to prepare
Special times and things for those we hold dear
While living in a cave of to do's and fear
We say it's out of love
That we go that speed
But, I've been wondering if that's true,
That idea I first heard in the Owl City song, Speed of Love ,
Do we really fit our speed into that glove?
Because our speed changes
While love stays the same
And makes me wonder
If passion, on the other hand, is the speed in our range
Since it is what usually fuels activity
While using love as it's guise
As passion on it's own is not of noble size
So it masquerades
Chasing possessions and wealth
Position and health
Then inevitable curves it's path
Because passion doesn't last
It has no future, though a long past
That's why it wears the vast name of love
Because love is the real power
Yet one that is only from above
It's the thing in hearts, that saved hearts
The thing we really need
For anything to succeed
It has been so very exalted
Yet isn't really understood
Despite the fact that it never wears a false hood
Passion remains the lollipop
Scoffing at the peach
Promises sweetness
Though leaving nourishment beyond reach
It remains a train without direction
Traveling with distance but no displacement
Moving, always moving
Because it's not a good replacement
So in the midst of an enthusiastic dash
To get and garnish
gather and give
I'm pondering over passion's great weakness
That it is unable to grow
That is has not meekness
And I'm thinking about what actually can move upwards
Real love
The kind that creates a world and a cross
I'm trying to look beyond the blur
Of lights and intrigue
Of people running after the least-broken love they can find
To try and see the thing that can bind
Because there is only one sun
There is only one Son
And if your chase is after that finish line
After celebrating that little baby manger
After a life of growth
Then you will get a gentle shove
Into going the beautiful speed of love

Blessed speed to you~ Megan

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Follow the Leader

Today our nation chooses a leader 
and I am reflecting on a recent assignment for my government class. 
It found me researching the Founding Father of the United States. 
Among many others, I came across the name Roger Sherman. 
A bit more reading, and I discovered 
that he is the only person to have signed all four of the nation's great state papers. 
I was surprised that I was only now reading this, 
and decided he was someone worth studying. 
An essay later and I am still in awe of the man. 
He had a thirst for knowledge, unquestionable integrity, and solid vision 
that led him from being a shoemaker's apprentice to a well respected member of Congress. 
Fisher Ames once noted, 

"If I am absent during the discussion of a subject, and consequently know not on which side to vote, I always look at Roger Sherman, for I am sure if I vote with him I shall vote right." 

Needless to say, I now view him as a leader I would gladly follow. 
I suppose, with his being a Founding Father, he's a leader I have followed. 
But I got going on this whole leader thing because of the election taking place. 
It's a big election. 
National, in fact. 
And I pray for the voting and deciding, though I can't really be a part of it yet. 
I'm only going to be included for the following of the leaders. 
And I'm hoping there are Roger Shermans on the ballots, 
as well as Roger Shermans voting, 
because probity and perspective are timeless.  

A blessed General Election Day to you~ Megan

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ever Exciting

Well, September and October have reminded me of how exciting life continues to be. Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed I think You're just writing such a story, God. Plot twists, dynamic characters, conflict, triumph- He really is quite the author. Remembering things in this way ends up making me smile, however, because I really do love stories. Still I'm glad to be stopping in the midst of mine to record the chapter that has been unfolding for me. . .

School has been going strong. Turns out this crazy thing called studying lets you exchange time and energy for learning and, subsequently, good grades. I've found it very helpful. Middle Sister and Youngest Sister are in in the act too.

One weekend at the close of September, we enjoyed the annual Plaza Art Fair. Besides gorgeous weather and the always-fascinating booths, we got to see two graduated dance friends of mine there with Project Dance KC.

Another weekend, while my parents were at a church conference, my sisters and I spent the night at my aunt and uncle's house. While there we enjoyed incredible sunsets, wonderful food, fishtail braiding, autumn weather, a walk in the woods, and our personal favorite- cousin time!

Dance has continued as well, much calmer than this past summer, but still plenty full. Opportunities for growth have appeared as I've gotten back into wearing my pointe shoes, experienced a bit more jazz in lyrical, worked on flexibility, and even had the chance to teach a modern class!

Our backyard has undergone a small transformation. I like to joke that we turned it into a tree nursery. . . at least comparatively speaking :) Empty areas of grass are now home to a Kwanzan Cherry, Newport Plum, Arborvites, Silver pine, and Raindrop Crabapple. Someday we may just have a forest. . .

Errands, birthday parties, and a ballet have brought us to the city. Even on an overcast day, it is exciting to see the skyline.

The weather has changed. I heartily applaud the cool, but have been puzzled by it's overnight switches to cold, then warm, then cold again. With it being November now, I am tentatively expecting more constant cold. The birds, however, have been on top of things the whole time, and even seemed to be meeting about their impending migration several weeks ago.

Our piano playing has undergone a change also, as we have switched teachers. A new perspective has been very helpful and I have learned arpeggios, among other worthwhile techniques.

The leaves have been putting on their annual show of colors. It is pleasant that green turning yellow, red, and orange is timelessly dazzling.

Time to create with friends has led me to have a nature shadow box in the works. Other creative time has found me mod podging print offs of lovely quotes from Pinterest on to old canvases, as well as getting back into the loop with weaving.

I've also practiced driving with my supremely patient dad handy in the passenger seat (Note: I made sure to take this picture once safely parked at a gas station :)

Also, my mom has made these pumpkin donuts (with gluten-free flour) for Sunday morning breakfasts. They are perfect this time of year and absolutely delicious!

And still there's more. Like fire pit fun, the moon out in broad daylight, trick-or-treating, Middle Sister getting her hair cut in a bob, and my rediscovering the joy of reading. After all, life is ever exciting. Blessings to you with whatever chapter you're currently experiencing~ Megan