Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ever Exciting

Well, September and October have reminded me of how exciting life continues to be. Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed I think You're just writing such a story, God. Plot twists, dynamic characters, conflict, triumph- He really is quite the author. Remembering things in this way ends up making me smile, however, because I really do love stories. Still I'm glad to be stopping in the midst of mine to record the chapter that has been unfolding for me. . .

School has been going strong. Turns out this crazy thing called studying lets you exchange time and energy for learning and, subsequently, good grades. I've found it very helpful. Middle Sister and Youngest Sister are in in the act too.

One weekend at the close of September, we enjoyed the annual Plaza Art Fair. Besides gorgeous weather and the always-fascinating booths, we got to see two graduated dance friends of mine there with Project Dance KC.

Another weekend, while my parents were at a church conference, my sisters and I spent the night at my aunt and uncle's house. While there we enjoyed incredible sunsets, wonderful food, fishtail braiding, autumn weather, a walk in the woods, and our personal favorite- cousin time!

Dance has continued as well, much calmer than this past summer, but still plenty full. Opportunities for growth have appeared as I've gotten back into wearing my pointe shoes, experienced a bit more jazz in lyrical, worked on flexibility, and even had the chance to teach a modern class!

Our backyard has undergone a small transformation. I like to joke that we turned it into a tree nursery. . . at least comparatively speaking :) Empty areas of grass are now home to a Kwanzan Cherry, Newport Plum, Arborvites, Silver pine, and Raindrop Crabapple. Someday we may just have a forest. . .

Errands, birthday parties, and a ballet have brought us to the city. Even on an overcast day, it is exciting to see the skyline.

The weather has changed. I heartily applaud the cool, but have been puzzled by it's overnight switches to cold, then warm, then cold again. With it being November now, I am tentatively expecting more constant cold. The birds, however, have been on top of things the whole time, and even seemed to be meeting about their impending migration several weeks ago.

Our piano playing has undergone a change also, as we have switched teachers. A new perspective has been very helpful and I have learned arpeggios, among other worthwhile techniques.

The leaves have been putting on their annual show of colors. It is pleasant that green turning yellow, red, and orange is timelessly dazzling.

Time to create with friends has led me to have a nature shadow box in the works. Other creative time has found me mod podging print offs of lovely quotes from Pinterest on to old canvases, as well as getting back into the loop with weaving.

I've also practiced driving with my supremely patient dad handy in the passenger seat (Note: I made sure to take this picture once safely parked at a gas station :)

Also, my mom has made these pumpkin donuts (with gluten-free flour) for Sunday morning breakfasts. They are perfect this time of year and absolutely delicious!

And still there's more. Like fire pit fun, the moon out in broad daylight, trick-or-treating, Middle Sister getting her hair cut in a bob, and my rediscovering the joy of reading. After all, life is ever exciting. Blessings to you with whatever chapter you're currently experiencing~ Megan 


tinuviel said...

Thanks for another beautiful glimpse into your ever-exciting lives. I adore skyscapes, and what an interesting fountain you captured!

Happy studying, dancing, and arpeggiating! (That last may not be an actual word, but I trust it communicates.)

Megan said...

Thank you, Christina! I like your word arpeggiating. No matter if it really exists- it looks and sounds quite fitting!