Monday, November 26, 2012

Thankful Time

Raking in the blessings after a week of thanks. . . .

956. knitting a Barbie blanket 

957. playing the card games slap jack & golf 

958. sisters who teach me games 

959. raking leaves

960. eating chili~ packed around a dining room table~ lots of laughter

961. hearing an amazing opera singer with a dear friend

962. learning how to tie heart knots (thank you to this video)

963. frog in my throat leaving

964. said frog being figurative

965. a day of Thanksgiving

966. long piano piece roughly in my head

967. meeting second cousins for the first time 

968. having tea parties and "eating" almost as much pretend food as real

969. test for literature, spelling/vocab, and history complete

970. becoming well acquainted with the amendments to the Constitution

971. moving a chair from my room to Youngest Sisters'

972. managing to maneuver the chair through her doorway

973. it working in her room perfectly

974. completing my nature shadow box

975. figuring out why I got stuck on a math problem

976. visiting my Nana and finding her with a crochet hook & yarn

977. new pictures hung in our living room

978. a cold day with rain and a sprinkling of ice

979. babysitting an actual baby

980. my mom's wisdom on caring for babies

981. sleeping soundly

982. the sky constantly changing in beautiful ways

983. the moon saying hello in daylight

984. sisters researching chinchillas as pets

985. learning that the animals are nocturnal before any kind of commitments were made

986. Sevenly shirt arriving in the mail

987. first letter from a college mysteriously arriving in the mail (though how they found my is a mystery. . . not quite sure if I should be glad or paranoid :)

988. formulating Christmas gift ideas

Blessings to you~ Megan

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