Friday, July 12, 2013

Lately. . .

Thanks to my recent discovery of Instagram, I've been taking more pictures with my phone than with my camera. The result? Random glimpses into the past month. . .

pups looking around at the morning 

Youngest Sister in purple

a puppy who enjoyed her water

practice for our church's worship arts and music camp performance

tired pup asleep on frisbee pillow 

 happily shaded in my new hat

 scared by this aisle in Hobby Lobby

 birdhouse in the backyard



 backyard play

 reading time 

piano practice 

 new cd's 

 pups' first time meeting a baby

pool fun

~Happy summer~  

1 comment:

tinuviel said...

The Frisbee pillow and reading time photos are my favorites here. They make me smile. Thank you for that.