Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sweet Things

~ this avocado chocolate mousse. We found it to be delectable (In case you decide to try it: we used about a half cup more almond milk than the recipe called for)

~ berries in season

~ Momma and Daddy celebrating their anniversary

~ youth pastor's darling two-month-old girl

~ her adoring fans (a.k.a. everyone around her :)

~ pups watching a butterfly outside the sliding glass door

~ Middle Sister helping Youngest Sister tune her cello

~ thinking about Nana. Today would have been her 90th birthday

~ her love of travel, and the way she asked about "her mountains" after we visited Glacier National Park on her birthday last year

Something not so sweet? Monday marked our first day of school. It's good to get back to some routine, but the first days are always a bit rough. I suppose you could call it a rocky road. That reminds me. . .

~ cherry chocolate chip soy ice cream. I'm still enamored with this treat from Trader Joe's!


Lucy said...

sounds like a sweet week. Hope getting back to school gets smoother:)

tinuviel said...

Definitely sweet!
Hoping this week went more smoothly than last. My sister started school with her boys this week, and she's finding the transition similarly challenging.

Enjoyed the Saturday funnies photos too, Megan. May you find more fun and joy in God in whatever this day holds.