Saturday, August 31, 2013

What happens?

When your PopPop has MS
and takes a tumble
through the hospital 
and into a rehab center? 

When your Gramma has Dementia
and will stay with you 
for 2-4 weeks 
while he recovers? 

When it's week four of school 
and you have 
six-month-old puppies 
in ninety-degree heat? 

Walk the pups around the block 

Wonder why the leaves are already changing colors

Make tea, trying all three chai kinds in the drawer

Read on the patio swing in the shade, tea in hand and pups at play

Visit PopPop


Breathe thanks that solving the equation isn't up to you.

1 comment:

tinuviel said...

I like the poems. Praying for y'all, dear!!! Tea and a book on the porch swing sound like a helpful way to cope. :) Grace and peace to you in Jesus.