Monday, October 27, 2014


                                        . . . . . 

                                      . . . . . 

                       to the  
                                              . . . . .

                   a grassy 
                                      . . . . . 

The sky
                                               . . . . .

                                          . . . . .

                    for the
                                                . . . . .  amidst the bustle it can incite.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

a ray of light

A ray of light
An instant in time 
Sunbeam and mirror collide 
A greeting in style
An elusive smile
Girl who couldn't catch it but tried 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sunday, September 7, 2014

adventures in lace knitting

The time in Alaska wasn't simply spent sightseeing. Namely. . . 

I knit my first lace shawl thanks to a Craftsy class. With the final stitches in place,  I arrived home quite eager to try my hand at blocking. . . 

Now I not only feel like a more legitimate knitter, but I also feel quite excited for autumn!  

Anything on your needles, crochet hook, or project pile? 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Waking on Water

The third and final part in my telling of our Alaskan adventure [you can find the other two parts here and here]. . . 

With a view of Denali behind us, we drove up to Fairbanks in something of a daze. A dumpster fire the next morning, therefore, served as a kind of jolt back into reality. Hotel alarms screeched through the building as we scrambled outside in our pajamas. 

A couple firetrucks later and safety (if not sleep:) was restored. Having been awakened to warmth, we switched gears to enjoy the "cool" ice museum down the street. 

Then we drove (along a beautiful coastline and through a frightful one-lane tunnel) to meet a boat called "Norwegian Sun" in an ironic downpour of rain.

Getting aboard was frazzling for our new-to-cruising selves, and we wondered if this was one of our lesser ideas. 

Then we saw how efficiently our room was laid out and how the balcony kept us from feeling claustrophobic with a gentle breeze and nice view. Our "nice view" became incredible when Hubbard Glacier appeared. 

The next day we enjoyed a walk along the shore of a coastal village. 

We adjusted to time on the water, picking up lemonade and snacks at the cafeteria, Sudoku puzzles in the library, meals at the restaurant, and exercise on the deck track (did I mention the fact that we ate a lot of food?:)

We read and rested while on the waves, walking off the boat to say transient hellos to Juno. . .  

Juno's Mendenhall Glacier. . . 

and Juno's rain (forcing us to sport jackets full of extra sweatshirts). . .

as well as greet Ketchikan. . . 

and Ketchikan's salmon swimming upstream. 

Perhaps my favorite thing to meet was the Tracy Arm Fjord. 

An afternoon of sailing through the fjord brought us up close and personal to South Sawyer glacier. 

Even when we weren't in at an especially scenic spot, the views were worth admiring. 

The time became a happy blur. 

We parted from the boat a bit hesitantly. 

 We plunged into a morning of sightseeing in Vancouver before finally catching our flights home. 

Needless to say, our trip has left fondness towards Alaska in its wake. 

Now to adventure into September. . . Thanks for reading!  

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Denali Days

Any guesses as to who has arrived home? Yep, that would be me:) I've slowly been returning to the world of humidity and internet connection and oh-my-it's-my-senior-year-of-highschool. For now, however, I'm back here to share more of our Alaskan adventure. . .

Denali National Park loomed on the horizon miles before it officially began. We first admired it at an especially picturesque turn off of the main road.

Once we finally reached the it's border, we learned that cars are only allowed a few miles into the wild. Specially designated bus rides, however, were available for deeper treks. The promise of wildlife sightings and singular landscape made us agree to an eight-hour roundtrip excursion. 

I sipped tea and we slipped out of civilization. There were times we feared we would slip off of the road too! All the while a certain keen woman kept us looking out the windows with calls like, "BEAR. . . MOOSE. . . SOMETHING! 3 O'CLOCK!" 

Thankfully the excitement didn't get to our bus driver who kept the wheels carefully connected to the gravel. We even enjoyed an unusually clear day. 

This view of Mount McKinley (or simply "Denali") stunned us. It looked like fairytale material with snowy peaks and wispy clouds. I believe it was this moment that made me appreciate the gravel road. 

I'm still a bit enamored with Denali. I'm also stuck on the reality of a fjord. More on that soon. . . 

Thursday, August 7, 2014

"A" Adventure

Any guesses as to who has experienced four different time zones today?

Yep, that would be my family and me :) 

We left our Midwestern home on a 6 a.m. flight and are now officially on vacation. . .

In Alaska!  

Now if we can just adjust to this whole time change thing (and the consequential fact that we've been up for twenty-ish hours) we should be flying high! 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

glimpsing Helen Keller

The last weekend of July found me face-to-face with my homeschool dance program's production about the life of Helen Keller.

But before I launch into the details of the ballet, here's a glimpse of the process—

In the six months preceding the show, we learned choreography and became comfortable doing it while wearing our costumes. . .   

On the Monday before our last regular class, we had picture day, complete with sack lunch, a multitude of costume changes, and a giant round of Apples to Apples. . . 

When we reached the three-days-until-we-arrive-at-the-theater mark, we launched into the most momentous time. . . 

With two days until opening night, we practiced on the actual stage, with the lights, costumes, and make-up. . .

An hour before the tech rehearsal, I moved into a "hobbit hole" side stage for quick changes. . . 

And when 7:00 PM on Friday, July 25 arrived, followed by 1:30 PM and 7:00 PM on Saturday, the preparations translated into a joyful climax of three shows. 

I treasure this experience and the friendships I've made through it. . . 

And I treasure the opportunity to share a story through dance. 

I'm sure I'll have a bit more to say on the topic later, as well as action shots to share that were taken at the theater by several talented photographers. For now, however, thank you for joining me in a look at the big picture ~