Friday, July 24, 2009

Fairy Fun

Real is good, but sometimes pretend is really good! With that said, I'd like to chat a bit about fairies.

First off. . . Fairy Dust

An essential in a fairy's possessions, fairy dust is available at certain craft stores (as well as the restaurant Alice's Tea Cup, in New York City). We are some of the lucky people who have it. How do you use it?

1. Lightly get a bit of fairy dust onto a makeup brush.
2. Twirl the fairy dust around your head and make a wish.
3. Enjoy the sparkle for the rest of your day!

Then. . . Fairy Handbooks

My friend ( has given my sisters and me these two fairy handbooks. They are fun and very informative:)

Next . . . a Fairy Shoe

One poor little fairy (maybe a princess) seems to have lost her shoe. For weeks it has sat on this candle, waiting perhaps for a fairy prince to pick it up.

And then comes . . . a Fairy House

While in Maine a couple of months ago, we found a little island that had a clearing dedicated to the use of building fairy houses. The rules were as follows:

1. Only use natural things to build the houses.
2. Leave other peoples houses as they are found.
3. You may use anything you find in the forest, as long as it is not alive (no picking flowers, leaves, etc.).

Now I am going to share with you two amazing pictures. Drum roll, please. . .

Here is. . . a Fairy!

A beautiful jeweled blue fairy is shown here. She is right at home in this teapot and is shown taking a peek at her yard. She lives in our house, in the neighborhood of Little Girl Land.

Miss Fairy Out and About!

This picture is a rare look at Miss Fairy getting a breath of fresh air at the local Pooh's Tea Cup. She is shown at her best, having just fluffed her hair.

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of make believe! ~Megan

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Brooke said...

I loved the make-believe!!! That is so cute!