Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Shoes

I got two new pairs of shoes. Want to try and guess what kind of shoes they are? If you do, don't scroll down yet. If you don't you still might not want to scroll down :)

Do they slip on? Kind of

How about tie? Yes

Are they tennis shoes? No

Do they shine? One pair does

Are they church shoes? No

How about boots? No

What's left? Well. . .

ballet and . . .

. . . pointe shoes!

Yes, I got new ballet and pointe shoes and decided to take pictures of them before they were danced on. It is surprising how dirty they can get! The ballet shoes are canvas and supposedly easier to point your foot in. I usually get leather ballet shoes so I am curious if I will like them any better. Unlike the ballet shoes, my new pointe shoes are almost the same as my old ones, just a little bit wider. Hope your week is going well!



christian chic said...

Hey, Megan! Be sure to enter for my contest at:

christian chic said...

Megan, I have entered yoour name in the contest! Good Luck!


His Poem said...

Wow! Your point shoes look so shiny and new, M!