Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Good-Night Pep Talk

A few weeks ago I went into Youngest Sister's room to tell her good-night. I found her quite troubled and our conversation went something like this. . .

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"I am worried that I'll have a bad dream," Youngest Sister replied.

"Well, if you keep thinking about having a bad dream, that's what you're going to have.Thinking about happy things will help you have sweet dreams. Thinking about something you're excited about can help too. Remember you have ballet class tomorrow." I then added, "Monday I have the audition for the next ballet performance."

"You probably won't get a part," she said, like a little matter-of-fact raincloud.

"I know that," I answered, trying to redeem myself and muffle a giggle, "but I'll get to see how it works and tell you about it."

Trying to cheer her again I changed the subject, "Thanksgiving is coming up. You could think of decorations for it." Youngest Sister still seemed a bit depressed.

I tried one last time, "You could decorate a dream house in your head, like they did in All-of-a-kind Family." Youngest Sister was looking me in the eye, so I continued, "Did Mommy read that book to you and Middle Sister?"

"I think she read the first one to both of us," she answered.

"Do you remember how two of the sisters would design a different room each night aloud? You could decorate the blue room tonight. Maybe it has mahogany wood floors and a Persian silk rug that looks like the sky." I dip into the pool of my imagination, trying to think quickly as to what Youngest Sister's vision of an amazing room might hold. "Then there is an orange sofa with three blue pillows on it, one decorated with real diamonds. Another pillow has diamond shaped stitching on it. The third pillow has both the real diamonds and stitched diamond patterns."

Youngest Sister seemed interested, so I continue. "There is also an orange chair in the room. It rocks, swivels, and has very comfortable cushions. It even has a little compartment where you can keep scissors, tape, and magazines in case you want to make envelopes." We had just watched a youtube tutorial on how to make envelopes with a magazine page that day. "You could even keep a book in there if you wanted. Though, you would have to remember that you stuck it there, so maybe we should stick with magazines." I quickly scan my mind for another piece of furniture that would look good and be fun to describe. "There is also a little table." I told her, "It has a tall vase that is the dark blue Gramma likes." I now remember that the name of this color is cobalt blue, which is similar to the blue ink in the pen I use to write in my journal.

"The vase" I continued, "has orange peel. . .what's the word?. . . it smells good. . ."

"Potpourri?" Youngest Sister asked, pronouncing it a little weird, but giving me the word for which I was searching.

"Yes, potpourri. There is orange peel potpourri in the vase. There is also little dish, the same color as the vase, that is full of peppermints. But, instead of having red stripes on them, they have orange stripes. There is even a small tray that matches the vase and dish. Little sweet are put on it on special occasions." I said. "There is also a mahogany Armour that sits in the corner of the room." I said, a little to busy to start composing my sister-of-the-year acceptance speech. That was when Youngest Sister had a question.

"What's mahogany?" she asked.

I was a little embarrassed to realize that I didn't really know what mahogany was. I gave her the most truthful answer I could. "I think mahogany is a type of wood. I said it because I thought it sounded fancy." She looked satisfied with the answer, so I kept going. "The Armour has an orange diamond pattern painted on it. It has one big cabinet, one shelf underneath that, and one little cabinet underneath that. When you first open the top cabinet, it looks empty. Then you notice four knobs on the inside top of the Armour. If you pull one down, you will find that it is a TV screen. There is a projector for the TV screen, but I'll get to that later." I was on a role! "Another one of the knobs pulls down a dry-erase board and another a chalk board. The fourth knob pulls down a big pad of paper, for any meetings that might take place in this room."

"The shelf underneath this cabinet holds a Wii game system and several Wii remotes." I said, while realizing that as fun as a Wii is, it didn't fit in with rest of the room. Oh well. "The bottom cabinet is used to hold photo albums." I said, knowing that Youngest Sister enjoys looking at our photo albums and hoping this would strike her fancy. "There is also a chandelier hanging from the ceiling." I said. Can you guess the color? "It has orange crystals." I had decided to use orange and blue because they are complementary colors (not to mention my favorite color is blue). Youngest Sister's favorite color is pink and she probably wouldn't have gone with my color scheme, but she didn't seem to mind. "The chandelier looks a lot like the one in Middle Sister's room, except it's bigger and has even more crystals."

I moved on to describing what was behind the crystals in this princessy light fixture. "There is not only a light, but also a projector for the TV behind the orange crystals." I didn't know how realistic this was, but it seemed more believable than saying the TV screen could play by itself. At least it doesn't matter how realistic something is when it's in you imagination. "There is also a pink room in this house," I said strategically, "but I want to go read Anne of Avonlea in my room. You could decorate the pink room." I glanced at the clock.

"Okay." Youngest Sister said and I thought I heard her talking as I left.

I walked into my room smiling, knowing Anne would have to wait. I had to write down my talk with Youngest Sister!

The next morning I was informed by Youngest Sister that it was a lot easier to decorate a room when you have someone else to talk to. Did she mean I spent 20 minutes trying to help her for nothing? Though, I had fun describing the blue room and got an interesting pep talk out of it all!

Sweet dreams! ~Megan

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Brooke said...

That is so cute! And very well written!

Sweet dreams to you too!