Monday, September 6, 2010

When You're With 2-Year-Old Triplets. . .

When you're with 2-year-old triplets and want to take pictures of them, there are a couple things that will NEVER happen.

1. Everyone In the Same Spot- Just give up now. Even if you manage to get them all together, your picture will probably either turn out blurry

or one of them will leave before you snap a picture (who knew they could be so fast?!)

2. Eyes on the Camera- They have an attention span of maybe 2 seconds and when that time is up, off they go (leaving you with a blurry picture. . . again)

Their Momma's advice on the matter? Take pictures while they are watching TV (it is just about the only thing that can hold their attention)

But, if you keep your eyes open and camera ready, you may capture some of their cuteness crystal clear!



lasertag said...

I love it that you even TRIED to take pictures of 2-year-old triplets!

Brooke said...

I love the first picture! I though it was meant to be like that...until I read a little farther :)