Monday, April 4, 2011

Bouquet of Thanks

Bits and pieces of wonderful scattered around the week. . .

285. Two new CD's

 286. Rhyming couplets

287. Youngest Sister's birthday tea party 

288. Cute clip art

289. A color printer

290. Quiz about the Disney princesses Youngest Sister gave me 

291. Thunderstorms 

292. No damage after hail   

293. The smell of Hyacinths

294. Green everywhere

295.  Daffodils smiling at the end of our driveway

296. The robin who sat in this tree long enough for me to take a picture

 297. Youngest Sister's enjoyment of her first sleep over 

298. The rest of our family surviving without Youngest Sister

299. A special package arriving in the mail today

300. This beautiful necklace I won in a give away at Rayanne's blog

301. Fresh flowers on our kitchen table making the room smell sweet

May your week be full of blossoms~ Megan


Rayanne said...

So glad you recieved your package.
Loved your 287. love pink and pretty set tables!! Your gifts are so lovely.
Enjoy your necklace dear!

Hannah said...

I hope Camille had a very happy birthday! Oh, and your spring flower pictures are gorgeous!

Miranda said...

Hi Megan! I saw your link at Ann's blog, and I absolutely adore your list and pictures! I especially love #290! The drawing is great! I have a little sister, too, and even though she is 18 and I'm 24, we are obsessed with Disney... we even had a conversation recently about which princess we are the most like... :) Your blog is gorgeous!

Megan said...

Rayanne- I'm glad you enjoyed my list! I just love the necklace!

Miranda- Little sisters are so much fun! Besides, they give me just the right excuse for watching the Disney and Barbie movies :) Thank you for visiting!