Monday, April 18, 2011

Going to Fly

Tomorrow at this time, I will be
                        hours and hours away from home.

I will have boarded a plane,
                         flown over mountains and valleys,
                                                    and arrived by the ocean.

The last time I flew was ten years ago
                             and I remember most 
                                                  the Starbursts I ate.

 Tomorrow, I will notice more
                          and am hoping to post a bit this week and next
                                                                                    about the trip.

But, until then, I am here
                            to continue my gratitude list--

321. Passion Fruit Iced Tea

322. Beautiful weeds

323. Liquid sunsets

324. A glimpse of why Middle Sister and Youngest Sister are confused as twins

In the picture, even I can barely tell the difference

325. Being called outside to view a caterpillar-looking plant

 326. Youngest Sister outside when I was working on her birthday gift

327. Realizing Youngest Sister's inconvenient position before I started working 

328. Blinds

329. Youngest Sister's ignorance of the closed blinds

330. Her sweet voice barely audible

331. The basement craft table; a place to make a mess 

 332. Petite paintings

333. Youngest Sister's birthday

334. A fun time dancing to Viva La Vida for a local charity fundraiser

335. Backstage

Oh, the excitement!

336. Making an "arabesque line" afterward

337. An attempt at flying a kite

It never got higher than it is in this picture, due to a lack of wind. . . I am glad planes don't work like that!

338. Packed bags. That is, now they are packed. A few hours ago, my bed looked like this--

Thankfully, I have a good suitcase with a strong zipper.

May your week be full of exciting things, be it flying or not~ Megan


Miranda said...

I just love all of these pictures!!! I'm especially fond of the dandelion picture. And the one of your sisters. And the arabesque line. And all of them really. :) Have so much fun on your trip!!!

Joy Lake said...

Wow, Have a lovely trip! I hope you remember lots even though starburts are quite memorable. Mmmm passion fruit tea is definitely something to be thankful for :D