Monday, April 11, 2011

Putting The Pieces Together

Lately, I have felt like as soon as one piece of life comes together, another gets out of place. For example I posted both Monday and Tuesday here on the blog last week, but neglected reading my book. Then I read Wednesday and Thursday, but didn't blog. I hope to get better at this balancing act as well as other ones.

For now I am glad to be back here focusing on putting the pieces of my gratitude in place. . .

302. Bubbles

303. Tulips

304. Flowering dogwood trees

305. A sleepover at my MeeMaw and PawPaw's house

306. Watching PawPaw type, and then I tried out this antique myself 

307. The first picnic of the year

308. Searching for four leaf clovers

309. Three four leaf clovers found (is that enough of a tongue twister?!)

310. Morel mushroom hunt. We didn't find any, but learning about the outdoors with my PawPaw was enjoyable in and of itself. Besides, I don't like mushrooms. 

311. Spring Peepers peeping away at a pond

312. Water. I didn't quite realize how much I rely on it until it stopped working for a few hours while my sisters and I were at my Meemaw and PawPaw's house. Made me thankful for hand sanitizer!

313. Watching Tangled (so cute!)

314. Warm, sunshiny days

315. Logs that look like animals

The crocodile. . .

. . . and the snake.

316. Spotting a (real) turtle

317. The tire swing in MeeMaw and PawPaw's side yard

318. Book deals. I really am sad that a local Borders is closing, but it is hard to beat 80 and 90 percent off. Of course, purchasing an unfamiliar book and CD  may not be the best five dollars I ever spent . . .   

319. Peace with decisions about next school year

320. Calendar painting. I know I'm a little late with it. . . Still trying to get it ready to post on Fridays. . .
 Yet another piece of the puzzle!

 May all your pieces fit together~ Megan


Hannah said...

It looks like you're happy for spring to be here too, Megan! Your pictures are beautiful!

Brooke said...

I agree with Hannah, your pictures are beautiful!!! I'm sitting outside with the birds chirping, girls laughing, and a soft breeze blowing. Ahhhhh....SPRING!!!!!!