Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blurry Beginnings

The beginning of school has always been blurry to me. Homeschooling has allowed us to ease into subjects and routine. It's a process similiar to getting in cold water at the swimming pool-- it takes time to get used to, but eventually becomes refreshing. 

This school year something changed. I wasn't able to wade into subjects. The stakes grew higher, the work harder, and the time I had went quicker. Curricula filled with books, questions, and answers pushed me into the murky waters of high school.  

Slowly the waters are becoming clearer. I'm getting more and more comfortable with the change, but I am still trying to work out some kinks. Until then I am glad that my Multitude Monday can blur into Thursday. 

Again counting my gratitude after a few good, but blurry weeks of activity. . . . .

493. homemade granola bars

494. a new lunchbox, needed a lot this past month

495. running outside, barefoot

496. two pitchers of water with lemon in the refrigerator-- one for my mom, and one for me!

497. a hard teacher who made me grow

498. security in God

499. dance. I have always really enjoyed it, but this dance intensive made me see how much I love it.

500. time at home

501. warm walnut bread with dinner

502. my very own laptop

503. friends moving here from "across the pond"

504. swimming in a lake for the first time

505. watermelon

506. watching The Next Food Network Star via Hulu 

507. swimming with good friends

508. this cream helping to heal my first (and last) sunburn of the summer

509. school starting

510. routine back in place

511. reading about the Gospels (this book gives fascinating insight!)

512. dinner at Dean & Deluca last Friday night-- a nice ending to a long week

513. taking a peek at the dessert display there

Definitely worth seeing. . . 

514. eating the "globes" Middle Sister and Youngest Sister baked using vanilla cake mix, food coloring, and white frosting when we got home

515. the way geography and baking can work together deliciously

516. cucumber plant curly cues

517. rain watering for us

518. Youngest Sister baptized!

519. being on track with school

and, most of all,

520. renewed focus


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Brooke said...

I agree with you! It's definitely a lot harder this year. I like number 502 :) Lovely pictures!!