Saturday, August 13, 2011

On My Toes

Hello again! Time has gone by rather quickly since I last posted. I didn't mean to take a blogging break, but these past few weeks have kept me on my toes. . .

-- Dance intensive. I was very literally on my toes in a two-week dance intensive where I took ballet, modern, jazz, and an assortment of other classes every day. It was both an amazing and exhausting experience!  

-- Opera camp. As soon as the dance intensive ended, opera camp began. While there I enjoyed learning about the opera Turandot, singing a variety of songs, and getting to do it with Middle Sister and a couple of good friends. I thought these two weeks would be calmer, but opera camp kept me on my toes in a whole other way. 

-- Cold. This week I didn't have any kind of camp, instead I had a full-blown head cold which kept me at my favorite place—home. In the midst of recuperating, I began several school subjects, did a lot of reading, and eased back into a more familiar routine.                                                                                

I have very much enjoyed living on my toes, but am now looking forward to a more paced schedule with time to sit down and capture bits of life right here in the blogging world. See you soon! ~Megan

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TG said...

Our opera camper had a cold this past week too!

Glad you're back to blogging.