Saturday, December 17, 2011

Every-Other-Year Excitement

Every other year our dance program puts on a performance.
That performance is to be this summer.

Every other year our teachers choose a story and write the ballet off of it.
This time they chose The Velveteen Rabbit.

Every other year auditions are held.
These past few months there have been several auditions.

Every other year our teachers tell us they prayed throughout the casting process and endeavored to stay true to the story.
This was said, making me feel both bouncy and content, this past Monday.

Every other year our teachers remind us why we dance-- for His glory.
On Monday they shared this beautiful perspective.  

Every other year a cast sheet is released. 
That anticipated list was released Monday. 

Every other year the soloist parts are revealed, and then each class' special role.
This year those announcements began with "The Velveteen Rabbit will be played by. . . "

Hearts always beat a little faster.
Hands always prepare to clap.

We are all glad to be here in this moment.
We have all danced together since we were very small and are a kind of family, excited for what this next show holds.

Every other year I have been happily assigned a class dance, but this was not quite like every other year.
This time, I heard my name called first.

Cheers filled the room.

Surprise and joy surged through my body.

I was to be the Velveteen Rabbit.

In the next little while, other parts were announced. Dear friends were dubbed aunts and nurses. Middle Sister learned that her classes would be Ladybugs, Spinning Tops, and Real Bunnies. Youngest Sister heard her classes would play Christmas Presents, Tin Soldiers, and Nightmares.

My heart leaped then and continues to do so.

After all, I love to dance.

I am sure there will be more on this ballet process as it continues to unfold. Until then, I will try and focus on the excitement of this coming Christmas. Blessed excitement to you~ Megan


Hannah said...

So happy for you Megan! You are going to be the best rabbit ever, girlie!!! :)


tinuviel said...

Congratulations, Megan! Your mom and I are blog friends, and I followed her link over here instead of asking her to deliver the message. That's a wonderful idea for a ballet, and with the prayers of your teachers and family behind you I have every confidence you'll be a terrific Velveteen Rabbit.

Blessings to you in Jesus,

Stephanie said...

Megan! I am so very excited and happy for you as you prepare for your starring role! Congratulations! The Lord has truly blessed you with grace and beauty, both inside and out.