Monday, December 19, 2011

Not Simply Ornamental

Amid the flurry of things that pervade this Christmas season,                                                             

special things,
            traditional things,
                             ornamental things,

it is good to step back, listen to the angel's news,

revel in the mystery of our Savior becoming a baby,

 indeed, becoming a baby so he could be our savior,

and giving thanks for what this really means.

Continuing my gratitude journal. . .

651. ballet performance excitement

652. playing Christmas games with good friends

653. the release of emotions that writing provides

654. finding thoughts I didn't realize I had

655. seeing Hugo

656. celebrating Christmas with my Dad's side of the family

657. fun at a sleepover with dance friends

658. a long nap the next day

659. caroling at a care center

660. sweet residents there who know the real meaning of Christmas

Blessings~ Megan

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