Monday, December 12, 2011

Thankful Poem

Because everything sings of love. . .

634. the first snow of the winter last Tuesday

635. a story that is actually taking shape (thanks to this)

636. new slipcovers-- a pink chair in my room

637. a delightful Christmas tea party

638. an owl happily hooting in the middle of the night

639. playing Frosty the Snowman piano duet with Middle Sister

640. Youngest Sister joining in the gingerbread (graham cracker) house fun at the annual party our piano teacher hosts

641. Christmas shopping

642. Christmas secrets

643. my first pair of Toms shoes

644. watching- and laughing with- Elf 

645. a big, orange moon Saturday evening

646. eating brownies and cherry chocolate chip ice cream while lighting this week's advent candle, Joy

647. Middle Sister's company during a science experiment

648. purple socks with snowmen on them, a gift from my cousin last year that continues to make my feet happy

649. tree branches standing out against the sky

650. making a fleece tie blanket with the expert help of my sisters

Blessings to you~ Megan


Judith C Evans said...

Lovely list! I love to see tree branches against the sky, too...especially if their covered with fresh snow. Have a wonderful week!

Hannah said...

Love your chair, Megan! And Elf? That movie is simple hilarious!!! Gotta love it. :)