Thursday, December 22, 2011

What We're Waiting For

Peace emerges out of chaos
light out of darkness
hope out of fear
though minds may be quickened
 hearts are stilled 
as perfect love is drawing near 

It is the age old story 
set into action 
since eternity was put on hold 
and this advent
this coming of the Christ child
reminds us that it continues to be told

It is a rich tapestry
  our days woven together
 beauty despite knots scattered 
among all but one life
 thought no tangles can be found
for the master has always known what mattered

So we sit here and wait
content in His hands
 in awe of this life-giving power 
preparing for greatness 
ready to remember and rehearse
embracing our God at the appointed hour 

Blessed waiting to you~ Megan

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