Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weaving Dreams

It began with this scarf I saw on Pinterest .
I went to the link and found this delightful blog.
While visiting that blog, this post about weaving introduced me to this loom.
I have always wanted to weave and seeing this made me realize that my dream was possible.
So I put this loom on my Christmas wish list,
Was surprised and delighted by it on Christmas morning,
And began to weave. 

The green and blue scarf is my first weaving attempt, made with Nature Spun Worsted Weight Spring Green and Blue Boy yarn. 

I made this one for my mom's birthday using Berroco Vintage yarn, color 5194. 

I made this one for Middle Sister's birthday using Caron Simply Soft Blackberry and Passion yarn.

I fell in love with this one, made with color 654 Fame Trend yarn, and am wearing it myself. 

As for now I am convinced that weaving is a very beautiful and magical thing.

Wishing you woven delight~ Megan


Jennifer said...

I am convinced, too, Megan!

Joy Lake said...

Beautiful weaving and what a cool thing to learn! Pinterest is addictive, eh?