Monday, March 19, 2012

Whisk Me Away

Thankful for a God who mixes everything together for good. . .

748. baths with epsom salts

749. Youngest Sister, Middle Sister, and I playing pieces at a piano festival

750. spring break from piano

751. watching the new Barbie movie with my sisters

752. writing on the last page in a journal- reading older entries- reflecting on stories that unfold each day

753. ideas flowing into words

754. pajama day

755. C. S. Lewis' insight in The Screwtape Letters

756. new clothes

757. windows open

758. a sound like dogs laughing

759. birds chirping in darkness, waking me up with song

760. dancing a story

761. music that goes perfectly

762. good tears

763. grey lace-weight weaving

764. humorous moment remembered

765. art collage time

766. run with my dad

767. bright blue sky

768. green

769. encouraging teachers

770. time to putter

771. waking from weird dreams

772. dairy-free and gluten-free eating

773. soy ice cream

774. baking brownies

775. and chocolate cookies with mint frosting

776. and millet muffins

777. good alternatives

Blessings~ Megan

1 comment:

Rayanne said...

Love your gratitude list!! You are so very kind to pray for me!! Thank you, you blessed me so!! Love to you sweetie!!