Sunday, May 13, 2012

Adventures in the Wild West

The beginning of spring break in California. . .

Saturday, March 31: We awoke before the sun. 

We caught a 6:00 A.M. flight that soared through clouds. 

Rain joined us right after we landed in San Francisco. 

After a delay on the runway, we hopped in a rental car and began to drive toward Yosemite.   

Mid-afternoon my mom spotted a tea shop and we ran in, enjoying the delightful tea and atmosphere. The owner told us of snow reported farther up the road, and we chuckled at the thought. Snow? In California? On the last day of March? 

We climbed higher and higher up the mountain, marveling at the tall trees. 

Raindrops became heavy and slightly icy, each creating a distinct splat on the window.

 Finally they transformed into snowflakes and a snowplow came down the mountain.  

The fir trees looked regally clothed.

We had planned on driving through part of Yosemite to reach our hotel. But upon reaching the entrance, we were told that you needed a four wheel or tire chains to drive into the park- things our rental car lacked. 

So we decided a different route to the hotel, and parked for a moment to enjoy the snow. 

As we drove back down through the hills, the snow changed to rain and slowed to a stop. 

A rainbow emerged triumphant in the sky. . . 

And we found In-N-Out gluten-free, dairy-free, lettuce-wrapped, "protein burger" gold at the bottom. 


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