Monday, June 25, 2012

Carpet of Light

As I continue this hunt for beauty, I find it woven into the very ground. Listing gratitude seems to be simply walking a bit slower. . .

845. fresh basil

846. dear friends' birthdays

847. pool party fun

848. top desk drawer cleaned of random papers

849. a HUGE potato from my PopPop

850. lots of sleep

851. lightweight, lacy weaving experiment

852. summer officially beginning

853. a sweet lady at yoga

854. the support of friends

855. joyful-crazy-happy dancing at the end of the Real Rabbits dance

856. learning about matcha at a tea class (it is finely ground green tea leaves with amazing health benefits)

857. new sunglasses

858. delicious fudge made from a friend's recipe

859. grilled hamburgers and hotdogs

860. Youngest Sister getting headpiece for her Christmas Presents dance

861. birthday celebration encompassing six birthdays in the family

862. red and green weaving thanks to Middle Sister's suggestion (yep, more Christmas. . . and I wondered why I was humming holiday tunes. . . :)

863. hot day spent chilling inside

864. plotting a trip northwest

865. comparing music with my cousin

866. flies glowing in the sunlight

Wishing you light~ Megan

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Eva Trillian said...

Visiting from Ann's :)
Always wonderful to read of gifts!