Monday, September 17, 2012

welcome September

          September is in full swing and I'm still attempting to step gracefully into life at home. As routine and school have slid into the days, I've felt a bit scattered. But, thankfully, beauty doesn't demand order. It's managed to smile into the hours and remind me that this month, this new season, is truly something to welcome. So now as I've caught my breath somewhat, I'm here to share the moments caught by my camera and try to let the blessings truly get caught by my heart. 

Continuing my gratitude journal. . . 

925. coming back to dance classes

926. getting un-glamorously sweaty 

927. graduated girls wonderful enough to be greatly missed 

928. demonstrating in two of Youngest Sisters' classes- so fun to get to know those sweet girls!

929. a sky full of spectacular clouds by day and stars by night

930. darling hand-me-downs from a friend

931. trying French Couch Surfer's crepe recipe in our own kitchen (they were trickier to make on our own and turned into a kind of delicious pancake)

932. the making and eating of my sisters' edible cell science project (jello and candy illustrated things well :)  

933. watching our ballet performance on dvd for the first time with all the girls in my class

934. the immensely complex weaving of a dragonfly's wings  

935. getting a peel done on my face (the name sounds crazy, but it's really just like a mask that really works)

936. matcha-loaded black tea

937. getting the hang of writing geometry proofs 

938. watching a Disney movie that wasn't too predictable

939. swinging on the patio after dinner

940. the way our shrub rose blooms in the summer, and comes back blooming in early autumn

941. running into a friend while out jean shopping

942. closet ready with warmer clothes

943. my dad trimming the shrub roses, and bringing one to the table 

934. enjoying my physics class (as clarification, the class is one morning a week and specifically for homeschoolers)

935. conversation and laughter while riding with a ballet friend who is also taking the physics class

936. gifted teachers 

Finding study time. . . 

937. a white-haired lady at the hair salon who smiled and told me she liked the scarf I was knitting

938. finishing my burnt orange scarf before the leaves turn that same color

939. Middle Sister and Youngest Sister restoring order to Barbie World 

940. Youngest Sister's note on the kitchen table letting us know where she was

941. watching Star Wars 5, 6, and 7 with my dad and sisters (our favorite characters were Yoda and the Ewocks :)

942. walking then jogging at the track

943. one sister sporting colorful hearts, the other a panda hat

944. doing pointe again

945. a moment in the middle of spinning when acceleration and balance were actually working together

946. Boden catalogue accidentally arriving in our mailbox- being delighted by cozy colors and charming styles

947. heat softened by a breeze 

948. sweater weather peeking around the corner 

949. kale growing in a pot on our deck

950. riding bikes

951. Youngest Sister riding without help of training wheels

952. shadows playing on the ground

953. banana bread baking- it's smell filling the house 

954. chivalry being alive and well 

955. whispers of autumn

I'm glad to have a couple more weeks to get to know you better, September. But as for now, welcome~ Megan


tinuviel said...

Thanks for the dragonfly photo! I've never seen one so close before. Blessings on the new school, music, and dance year, Megan. You will find your rhythm. May you also find joy in the learning and exploring.

TG said...

That dragonfly photo is exquisite!